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Forgetting The Bottom-Line

Being a small business owner, I am often all too aware of the bottom-line.  It makes sense.

I am an artists and I love what I do, but I still have to feed my family, right? 531 more words



Hey guys,


         The most important key in spiritual development is humility. Always remember to be humble. I know that it can be a challenge sometimes because we are still attached to our egos. 237 more words

Spiritual Growth

My reality - Not what you expect.

I’m pregnant!

This wasn’t exactly how I expected it to play out. The dad and I had broken up around about the time I got pregnant, and by the time I realized I was pregnant, he had already moved on to someone great, who he felt very dearly for and thought that a baby with an ex would hurt his chances at his new budding relationship. 1,472 more words

About Me

Know Thyself

The mastermind continued the discussion on cause and effect when asked the core question, “How do you respond to your feelings?”.  New ideas were realized during this topic of discussion which helped us grow a little more in our journey to personal success.   262 more words

Your Wish Is Your Command

My coffee saviour

I make no bones about it, I am a coffee snob..so there!
I love a coffee break whilst driving on speed trap infested Irish roads, it should be a welcome respite from watching the speedo and trying to spot the inevitable van tucked into the ditch but how many times have you pulled into a service station looking forward to the dark liquid only to find it’s more often than not pure sh**e in a paper cup. 84 more words