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As a layman, I find this endlessly fascinating –
Considering population and war: a critical and neglected aspect of conflict studies.


Populations, stressed resources, competition, humanity’s animal nature, desire to grow and advance, war. Chilling.

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Do Oil Discoveries Cause Conflict?

The conspiracy theorists will surely agree that oil and conflict is closely correlated – but do the statistics back it up? Economists have attempted to quantitative describe the relationship between discoveries of large oil fields and the probability of conflict. 443 more words


A Brief Interruption: Breaking into “The Future of Culture” to Silence “The Guns of August” (and Defend the Wisdom of 16-Year-Olds)

Two pieces in The New York Times for this morning (Thursday, August 7, 2014) caught my attention—and raised my ire.  Being the good American-born Baby Boomer that I am, I am interrupting my current series of posts under the title “Pulling Out of the Traffic:  The Future of Culture” to seek immediate gratification of my ire by posting this.  2,110 more words


The War That Ended Peace: the Road to 1914, by Margaret MacMillan ****

MacMillan’s hefty, well-researched tome has been nominated for prestigious awards and received rave reviews from the New York Times Book Review and the Christian Science Monitor. 403 more words