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Once A Skunk

Been there done that. By the time you are in senior management for a long time you have met all types of animals. One of the worst is the skunk. 172 more words

Life Is What We Make It

Life is what we make it
You could cry & whine & despair
Or you can choose to live
Throwing caution into the air


How to throw a knockout punch

In the event that you may have to defend yourself, assuming you’re in the right, and not the wrong. Assuming you are not just going around picking a fight with random strangers, you are not bullying and just being a dick; you may need to know how to effectively throw a knock out punch. 734 more words


Advocating on Social Media

There are a lot of controversial issues in this world – everyone knows this. People have the right to discuss it openly, wherever they want under the First Amendment. 419 more words

Stay away from these places that will make you sick

Germs are everywhere. Sure, we don’t like to think about it, but it’s a fact. Looks like those with mysophobia (a fear of germs) have a reason to worry (but don’t tell them – it won’t do them any good!). 619 more words

Fitness & Health

Rubbing Shoulders

God’s Word: Acts 11:1-26

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

When rubbing shoulders with others who is rubbing off on whom? 350 more words

remember when we used to do nothing and love it

I want you to remember when you adored my appearance …
when you helped reinforce my exponential perseverance.
As you’ve watched me grow and my wings expand… 114 more words