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Judge's "Cautionary Tale" About Online Legal Forms

Last week the Supreme Court of Florida issued an opinion interpreting a will prepared using an online form.  The opinion specifically addressed how property acquired after the will was signed was to be distributed in the absence of a residuary clause (a catch-all provision) in the will.   493 more words

Legal Consumer

Behavior: Actions speak louder than words

In another period of scrolling on my Facebook timeline, this video appeared and made me wary of how we all act.

Stupid Shaun Stories: "The Wendy's Incident" or "The Worst Thing I've Ever Done for Money"

Stupid Shaun Stories is an ongoing account of stories I tell too many times.

I want to really scare my kids with this when they’re old enough to handle it . 1,222 more words

The importance of drinking water...

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated…now, here is my little cautionary tale!

At the beginning of the week, I wasn’t feeling so hot.   385 more words


Urban legends and Cautionary Tales

Start your own urban legend.

We’ve been looking at urban legends, and how they challenge a value or an expectation important to us.  Ideas such as safety, the finality of death, the ability to choose, can be subverted.   83 more words

Donny Dead - A Cautionary Tale for Children Everywhere #2

A while back I created a children’s book called Donny Dead – A Cautionary Tale for Children Everywhere. I believe in its message of shark avoidance and guillotine safety so much that I’ve expanded on it and turned it into a YouTube video. 38 more words


I'd Rather Be A Cautionary Tale Than A Fairy Tale

There are a lot of women who want to be classy. They wear heels–but not too tall. They wear makeup, but not too much.

They are never too much of anything. 369 more words