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Split in Half

This was at such a sad and dark place in my life (2012) due to life’s heartbreak and circumstances.. But it is freeing to read now.. 204 more words


Expecting the Unexpected

From a young age, almost everyone is taught the number one rule: always air on the side of caution. Be careful. Don’t run so fast. Don’t push yourself. 150 more words


You Are Still Not a Local

You’re Still Not a Local – Tips to Avoid Pickpocketing, Getting Killed, and Other Generally Bad Things

I still have two weeks to go in Spain, but for the first 11 weeks, I’ve successfully avoided being pickpocketed. 1,010 more words

Stupid Rape Culture

I’m not going to say what the statistics are when it comes to how many women (and men) are raped each year, because we all know that it is something that is happening all too often than we want to believe. 810 more words


The driver and the minder

Can’t believe I’ve been here one month and seen very little of Pakistan. Not that I haven’t had the chances or don’t want to, but with 6 day weeks it’s tricky trying to see anything with a one day weekend. 680 more words


You are beautiful,
an individual, strong, quick witted, warm.

You are beautiful,
mindful, cautious,

You are beautiful,
generous, empathetic, loving.

You are beautiful,
not merely in flesh or bone, but in soul and spirit. 20 more words


Being Cautious or Being Paranoid

There was this very random incident that I had last Sunday that have kind of pulled me into thinking.

So what happened was I accompanied my youngest brother and a friend that Sunday night to a mall near our place. 554 more words