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Heavy Rain, Drivers Around Here, Be Safe Out There...

Well, I’m draggin’ butt today. I really have no desire to head out and drive in the heavy rain that is coming down today. There is a flood warning in effect, which means the roads are going to be water-logged. 653 more words

Left Foot, Right Foot, Repeat


1 more day. 1 more week. 1 more month.

Is that the proper way to live. Moment to moment, just waiting for something to happen to cause you to explode. 188 more words

Vindication (Trust Your Instincts)

The last two times I had major gut feelings about leaving the house, I ignored them and ended up getting slammed into by neglectful/drunk drivers. … 90 more words

What measures can stop an epidemic?

People being cautious. That’s all that we really can do. For example, with AIDs some people didn’t even care they just had sex with random people and they got infected. 44 more words


Money Mouth & Ty Geez ft. AG - Cautious (Video)

Money Mouth Ent. Presents CAUTIOUS by Money Mouth & Ty Geez (Prod.) by Money Mouth (Directed) by LV Visions



I guess it sounds kinda weird and pathetic but I think I lost my soul over the years. I sense a strong difference when I think back on how I used to be able to enjoy everything a lot more. 182 more words

I Have Been Deceived

It is possible for the very best of us to be deceived. Yet none of us would ever believe or admit that we could be deceived or become a betrayer. 188 more words