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I Have Been Deceived

It is possible for the very best of us to be deceived. Yet none of us would ever believe or admit that we could be deceived or become a betrayer. 188 more words

What I learned from a Colleague Who Had Everything to Lose

I was once in a professional role where I had a chance to see firsthand what it truly meant to play it safe.

Before this experience I didn’t fully grasp the concept. 110 more words

Cautious Curiosity

A horse cautiously observes something on the ground nearby



Sooooo, I drove our new car today. And am still alive. And Marc and Lotte are still in one piece. And the car likewise suffered no damage. 257 more words


Topic 6: Insanely difficult to open plastic packaging

Seriously, why is this a thing?
Well, to a degree I understand why it’s a thing but I seriously swear, hand on heart I almost cut myself every time I try to open up one of these babies! 87 more words

No Shortage of the Cautious.

Ohhhhhh fear.

When it comes down to it. That’s the “fuel” behind most people’s lives. We think we are self preserving…but we are… 284 more words