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Daily Writing Prompt #267

A market in which “buyer beware” instead becomes “seller beware” and sellers can be stripped of their license to sell if their customers aren’t overwhelmingly happy with their products or services.


Caveat Emptor

Guess what this is???

Give up?

Well – it is a privacy hedge! You never would have guessed, right?

So although we have scent hounds, they behave as sight hounds as they BARK at whatever they can see. 155 more words


Please Crowdfund My Awesome New Project So I Can Pretend to Make Cool Stuff

Finally, after minutes of brainstorming ways to make a difference in this broken world, leave a lasting legacy, and accept money from strangers in exchange for pleasant-sounding promises, something has popped into my head that’s hopefully the magic bullet everyone needs, and by “everyone” I mean my bill collectors and I. 1,410 more words


Pithy Tarot meanings -- The Magician

The Magician:
Caveat emptor — “Let the buyer beware”
This pithy meaning arises from an old traditional view of the Magician as a con man, charlatan, or swindler. 101 more words


Wrong Movie, or the Devil is in the Details

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the movie Frozen, which is apparently a Disney animated picture with some princesses and an… 341 more words

What Risks are NOT Covered?

I often hear senior executives for leading insurance carriers lament the common public perception that insurance products are a “commodity”, to be differentiated only by price.   391 more words

Caveat Emptor