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I Have a Suspicious Name

Since not long after 9/11 I’ve had to use my legal name with financial institutions. It was a small problem at first when a clerk or phone representative used my first name, one I had never used, to get my attention. 122 more words

Caveat Emptor

Legal Consumer Tip #9 - Have An Estate Plan? Get It In Writing!

So you’ve had a will prepared, and maybe included a trust or two, with the intent of making the process of distributing your estate as smooth as possible for your heirs after you pass.   174 more words


Low Tide In Europe

Fallout from Switzerland’s wildly swinging currency (alt) ricocheted around the world, hitting global banks with tens of millions of dollars in losses and triggering the collapse of some brokerage firms.   344 more words

Naughty Cookies? No, Cookienotti

How is a consumer products shopper supposed to keep up with the latest when there is no advertising of consumer products in his language? I hate it when I find out about a food that’s been at Trader Joe’s for 6 years. 81 more words



He got his start as a salesman. As a community organizer, he simply laid out what needed to be done. He aroused the ambitions of those actually capable of doing the work. 420 more words


Buying a Used Car: Thompson BMW May Not Be Your Best Choice

If you’re looking to purchase a used vehicle, you may want to consider some things before you decide to dive into the shallow end of the car-pool.  1,845 more words



What is Zillow, exactly, and… why?

Well, back in the day, all real estate agents worked for sellers. In Maine, anyway, the seller’s agent collected a commission from the seller, then either found a buyer herself, or paid part of the commission to any “sub-agent” who could rope in a buyer. 429 more words