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What hurts more - dealing with energy contracts.

Measures or impacts – what hurts you more when you are dealing with energy contracts as a small, but described as large in National Electricity law, business? 889 more words

Hot Air

Credit Cards or Debit Cards ?

It seems impossible to keep up with all of the new strategies being used to steal our identity and private information.  While enhancing personal privacy is a broad topic, many of the most important strategies are easy to implement yet often overlooked. 121 more words

Caveat Emptor

Caveat Emptor - Poem

Remember when I began cleaning out and donating books? Well, that’s when I found a 2008 journal, lumpy from two 8 x 11 sized papers folded in fourths. 340 more words


You pays your money and you takes your choice

Excellent article in today’s Guardian technology supplement by Bruce Schneier, security technologist and author. His hypothesis is that cars are well designed and software is not. 244 more words


Cave Dwellers

Plato’s Cave

I’m talking about “your wall” in the sense of Socrates’ famous allegory known as “The Cave” or sometimes as “Plato’s Cave.” In this famous story, as documented by Plato in the “Republic,” Socrates describes a hypothetical civilization where all the inhabitants lived their entire lives within a large underground … 140 more words


Time To Check Beneficiaries?

LPR does not write about the law, as we are not a law firm.  But the story of a man who reportedly intended for his retirement to be distributed to his four children after his death — which because of a mistake on his beneficiary form didn’t happen — is something we feel compelled to bring to legal consumers’ attention. 499 more words

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