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The village was at peace, and had been for as long as the men and women who lived in it could remember. 735 more words


Simple Vegetarian Paleo Breakfast

Eggs for breakfast . What better way to start the day, whether it’s a school day, a work day or a cleaning day which is most of my days. 163 more words


Paleo Chocolate Pancakes Dairy,Gluten,Nut free Breakfast

Oh Yummy Yum . Super easy to make Paleo Pancakes with an added bonus of carob and vanilla. My little Monsters have gone super crazy for these and funny enough thought they were something different just because I’d sliced them like a cake. 117 more words


Paleo Cottage Pie Comfort Food At Its Finest

Good old-fashioned comfort food was on the menu this week. An overload of jet lag, feeling pretty down about leaving my family and  the death of my gran meant i needed something that was my old food BUT a paleo version. 516 more words


The First Few Weeks on Paleo - The Do's and Don'ts!

Getting started on a Paleo lifestyle can be daunting and overwhelming ! I struggled finding information that was family friendly easy meals- hence why i started my family friendly page. 553 more words


Paleo Chicken Burgers Family Friendly Meals

Hidden Vegetables is a secret joy i love to do in my kitchen. Weird as it may sound to some i love to create a dish and the kids have no idea what they’re eating 0END.0 . 294 more words


Paleo Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash

Jam packed with protein , vitamins and minerals this paleo breakfast is sure to start you off on the right track.Easy to make and easy to adjust to your needs this breakfast is a must! 289 more words