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250,000 Year-Old-Man Unearthed: Confirmed Vegan


Paleontologists at the Oklahoma Museum of Natural Sciences in Shawnee, Oklahoma, announced this week fascinating new findings into the diet and lifestyle of prehistoric man after discovery of a frozen 250,000 year-old human unearthed in Tura, Russia, an ancient village in the Siberian Plateau. 246 more words


Haskell Fibonacci seems slow

I’m learning Haskell, and I wrote a simple Fibonacci function:

fib :: Int -> Int

fib 1 = 1
fib 0 = 0
fib n = (fib (n-1)) + (fib (n-2))
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Vonica Colt's "Taken By Cavemen"

Vonica’s latest release, though it takes place thousands of years ago, is far from a primitive effort.

“Long ago, the people of the Analick tribe lived in peace and practiced their ancient sexual practices in harmony. 88 more words


If a Caveman Can Do It...Why Can't I?

I used to call my sister a caveman because I’m an asshole and because she didn’t shower as much as she probably should have. Once she finally learned how to properly clean and groom herself the nickname began to fade, that is until she started eating like one. 628 more words


New Music for December 10, 2014

New tracks today from:  MACROmemory, Caveman, Molyneaux, Ark Patrol, Sea Change and Troves. 7 more words

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3η άσκηση μαθήματος Τρίτης 09-12-2014

Η 3η άσκηση είναι για το θέατρο. Δυστυχώς, πηγαίνω σπάνια στο θέατρο οπότε δεν μπορώ να προτείνω κάτι καινούριο.

Μια όμως παράσταση που παίζεται εδώ και χρόνια και την έχω δει 2 φορές (και μεταξύ μας θα την έβλεπα και τρίτη) είναι το caveman.

Το θέμα της παράστασης είναι πραγματικά “βγαλμένο από τη ζωή”.


Remembering to Imagine

I had just moved my bedroom to the basement of the townhouse we lived in. The lights were off as I lie on the mattress listening to the radio. 380 more words

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