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Questions to Life #6

1. If bugs fly towards light at night, does this mean they fly towards the sun in the day?!
2. Why are quilt cover companies still attaching buttons for us to do the end up with?!?!?! 160 more words

Rambling Goat


By: Chandra Johnson and Hollie Jones

2014 marked our 4th CMJ, Music Marathon, and yet again, we busied ourselves for a week— bussing between Brooklyn and Manhattan to catch acts that were both brand new to us and a few that we’ve been writing about since our first crack at CMJ back in 2011. 666 more words


Caveman Diet?

Ever wonder what it would be like to eat with a caveman? Well, stop wondering. There is a diet that allows this experience to be had, all while ensuring a healthy lifestyle. 274 more words


Caveman John Painting

Caveman John Painting

            There must have been politicians among the cavemen back in prehistoric times. You know, the type of caveman that decided he was born to lead and always knew what was best for everyone else. 58 more words


Quality counts

Is buying organic foods, grass fed beef, and pasture raised eggs worth it?

I bought conventional meat for as long as I can remember. I was unaware of the damage that could be done, the chemicals, additives, and poor diets that conventionally raises animals are subjected to. 683 more words


Blueberry banana muffins!

If you read my previous posts you know my love for blueberry muffins runs deep. When I was in 8th grade my family went on a cruise, and one morning at the breakfast buffet, I devoured 15 LARGE blueberry muffins. 221 more words


No bake cookie dough brownies

Cookie dough! I could eat a whole tub of this stuff back in the day. When we found this alternative, we whipped a batch together that night! 241 more words