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Outfit of the Day - Topshop draped tulip skirt, Louboutin simple black pumps, breton top and a Chanel bag

I love stripy nautical tops and today’s outfit is based around it. It is a summer timeless classic and I paired it with a black draped Topshop skirt and my precious patent black Louboutins :) A cream caviar Chanel bag completes the simple look. What do you think?


The best reason not to be rich

The pursuit of money is nothing new. Greed is a cruel mistress which can derail even the purest of people.

Many of us believe that getting more money, more stuff, more security, will make us happy. 324 more words

KoChix: Hot Honey Spicy Wings

Beware BonChon, KoChix is addictive. A corner joint the size of a rich person’s walk-in closet is KILLING it at Korean-style fried chicken in Bloomingdale. Sure, the… 234 more words


Salmon Caviar

Make a 100% salt solution by dissolving salt, one tablespoon at a time, in hot water (not boiling, just hot from the tap) until the salt will no longer dissolve. 351 more words


Popollo - Take II

Last Saturday we were excited to be going to Popolo, an Italian restaurant at Rushcutter’s Bay in Sydney’s east. Only three of us were free for dinner and by lunchtime we were down to two, as a much loved Clittorati member had a sore throat. 586 more words

Caviar For Your Breakfast

Caviar is considered to be a luxury food that gives exotic taste when prepared properly. They can be stored in the refrigerator and used for a week but the fresh one is most commonly preferred. 170 more words


Pro Nails Caviar

Este prima oară când am încercat manichiura caviar. Deşi am multe flacoane cu biluţe, nu ştiu de ce nu am încercat niciodată. În mintea mea, era mai greu şi manichiura se destrăma imediat. 248 more words