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Guinea Pig Courtship

Me: Hey Bart, this guinea pig is expecting a baby.

Bart: *Gasp* Wowwwwww… How did she get a baby?

Me: Well, ah, she met a boy guinea pig… 19 more words


Look At Me, Look At This!

You may have been wondering yesterday what had Noah’s attention. Some of you thought he was staging a jail break but I can tell you that he was in fact . 251 more words

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Small Pets Matter!!

Do small pets matter? That is the question asked over on Blog Paws to celebrate Small Pets Month.

This answer is furry simple. You bet whee matter! 288 more words

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Hutch A Big Decision

You may or may not know this, but the hoomans have been disappearing for short periods of time and coming back after ‘viewings’. It turns out, they want to move hutch because this one is too small for all the little hoomans. 126 more words

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Sort Of Silent Sunday - Nacho Knows

…that you ate all the carrot sticks, and he’s not impressed!


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Climbing The Walls!

Sometimes whee get so excited playing in the garden, whee are literally climbing the walls!

Whee and going to spend today playing in the garden and running around, what are you going to be up to? 138 more words

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