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Guinea Pigs arrive in Carleton!

Today we had 2 new arrivals to join Boris- our lovely Dalmatian Boar who joined us on Tuesday from Scarborough, starting off our brand new Cavie family! 52 more words


Wordless Wednesday - Not A Morning Piggy!

Below are some pigtures of a sleepy little piggy I met at a zoo :)

Happy Wednesday



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Princess Piggy Poo woof-woof

Lately, I’ve been inadvertently referring to Princess Piggy Poo as “puppy.” I call her Princess Puppy Poo when I make the slip up. It’s no secret — even to Princess Piggy Poo — that since I’ve been working from home I want a dog. 347 more words

How to identify two common cavy parasites

Generally speaking, in the cavy community there are basically two kinds of parasites with which most everyone is at least vaguely familiar: lice, and mites. Unfortunately, both are common enough that anyone who spends enough time caring for cavies will eventually encounter them. 1,213 more words


Top Tips For Moving House With Guinea Pigs - Part 1 - Packing

As whee all know, pets are considered to be part of the family so when the family decide to move, pets are taken into consideration. 252 more words

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An Open Letter To My Guinea Pigs On The Subject Of Packing

My dearest darling boys,

You know how much I love you. Despite your naughtiness and trouble making but there’s something we need to talk about. 145 more words

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