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Enamel is the hardest substance in the body

You might have thought that it was bones, but it is actually tooth enamel that is the most solid substance of the body. It is so because of its high content (96 %) in minerals. 191 more words


How Long Does it Take For a Cavity to Form?

A patient asked me a good question today that many others have asked at the dentist: how long does it take for cavities to form? Before I answer, first consider a quick analogy: Imagine two evenly matched teams of kidsRead More

November 4, 2014: have a panic attack at the dentist

Well tonight’s something new I could have done without. I’m not a huge fan of the dentist but I’m also not one of those people that hates it or gets anxious before appointments. 344 more words

A Cute Guy Cavity-Shamed Me

Let me say this first: It’s not my fault I grew up white-trash in the Midwest and my parents let me drink pop for breakfast. I didn’t know any better! 286 more words


Halloween Hole

Happy Halloween!

I should probably preface this by saying half my tongue is numb. The inside of my left cheek, too. So, if I were speaking to you, it’d be more like “Haffy H’ween!” Neither percussive nor plosive consonants need apply. 516 more words

My Favourite, Delicious, NO SUGAR Snacks

With the excitement of Halloween looming overhead it’s quite hard to resist the tempting candies and chocolates!

However, I was soooo upset when I popped over to the dentist (which I hadn’t been to for a LONG time) and they told me I had three cavities that need to be treated. 319 more words


Filling a cavity

I had a cavity. Thankfully it just needed a filling. I was worries it was going to be worse.

When the dentist started numbing me I asked if I was going to be lopsided because if so I was definitely going to post that! 57 more words