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Run Princess Piggy Poo run

Guinea pigs are deceptively fast. They lay like a soft, furry lump so you forget they can bolt. This is why I won’t let Princess Piggy Poo enjoy the California sunshine. 166 more words

Sugar-free Princess Piggy Poo

My latest work assignment has been to interview specialists about diabetes. I know that being overweight can lead to diabetes, and having a chubby guinea pig gives me reason for pause. 227 more words

Guinea Pig

Make Them Welcome Monday

Well whee have heard that two of our readers have recently brought home or will be bringing home some new little piggies this wheek. So whee wanted to give some advice and tips on how to settle shy new piggies. 504 more words

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Silent Sunday - Feed Me



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Staying Safe Saturday

Basil: Now I love my garden time as much as the next piggy and I’m not easily scared but I’m sure that pair of magpies want to eat me! 357 more words

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Look At Me, Look At This!

You may have been wondering yesterday what had Noah’s attention. Some of you thought he was staging a jail break but I can tell you that he was in fact . 251 more words

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Guinea Pig Food List

I will be mum to two female baby guinea pigs by next week, and I’m pretty psyched up (and nervous)! As part of my preparations, I researched for nearly two weeks about their needs, and a big chunk of my time was taken by searching about their food. 208 more words