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I Belize I Can Dive

9th July, 2014

We woke to the sweet sounds of the marimba courtesy of Sarah’s iPhone. Such a sweet tune at 4:30am. Andy opened half an eye, looked out the window to the sea and was secretly glad that he was not going on any kind of sea faring vessel today. 807 more words

Ginger Road

Raggamuffin Sailing Trip, Belize

I couldn’t even count the amount of times on the last three days I sat there thinking “this is just perfect”. To say we were pretty excited about the sailing trip was a very big understatement. 727 more words


Caye Caulker, Belize

It was time to leave Mexico head to our next country for a few weeks – Belize. The cheapest and best way down to Belize from East Mexico is the overnight ADO bus. 529 more words


Don’t Stop Belizing

6-8th July, 2014

Oh yes, prepare thyself for many Belize related puns… because they are hilarious. No seriously how funny are they, like totally funny. Especially when you say them all the time because you were probably the first person to ever think of that specific Belize/believe related pun therefore you must continue to say it over and over again… ahem, sorry got carried away, rant over! 839 more words

Ginger Road

5 Gorgeous Remote Islands

When you go on vacation you don’t always want to go to a tourist location, and going to one of the beautiful remote islands found throughout the world is a great way to avoid a crowd. 30 more words


Belize from my tummy

I have to report Belize a little differently. This article is completely dedicated to the food we were so lucky to consume while in the country. 662 more words

Road Trip