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Noisy after-hours construction continues to rattle neighborhood

For those who have problems with permitted constructions hours, New York City government processes only move swiftly if they’re the ones making the noise.

With a few clicks of a computer mouse, taps of the keyboard and minimal paperwork, local real estate developers — big and small — secure and renew After Hours Variances (AHV) from the city Department of Buildings (DOB). 1,468 more words

Idling NJT Buses Moved from 10th Ave to Lincoln Tunnel

Afternoon rush hour on 10th Ave. remains frantic, but New Jersey Transit (NJT) buses no longer queue there before entering the Port Authority Bus Terminal. 1,364 more words

10th Ave. Traffic Forces M11 to Skip Stops

Within the rush-hour fury of ‘Busageddon’ near the Port Authority Bus Terminal, one city bus line reflects both the best and the worst of efforts to tame traffic congestion in Hell’s Kitchen. 1,327 more words

Best Movies You've Never Seen: FEAR OF A BLACK HAT

Written and directed by Rusty Cundieff
Released June 1993
The Samuel Goldwyn Company

You know how sometimes two movies with a similar premise will get made and released around the same time? 526 more words

Best Movies You've Never Seen