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The Mobile World Cup

As the upheaval of the news and broadcast industry continues, the mantra we hear at CBC and across traditional media outlets is “Digital First”.

What it means is that the current paradigm where TV drives our operation needs to be reversed and the emphasis needs to be put on mobile and the web. 627 more words

Sorry to disappoint you: Brazil is not only soccer and sexy women

As a Brazilian journalist who loves (and lives in) Canada, I am concerned about the news that CBC published today, under the title World Cup: ‘Sexy Brazil’ sees explosion in teen prostitutes… 482 more words


Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Holdings Powers That Be Accountable

My friends here at WordPress, especially those who’ve read The Mirror, know that I am not one who gives up easily.  Monday evening, I was having a beverage at a local saloon with a younger military Signals engineer whom I was on the Space Operations Course with, a couple of years ago. 1,134 more words

The Mirror

Peter Mansbridge's comforting voice on a dark day

Maybe it’s his voice — rich and caring, but reassuring.

Perhaps it’s the way he looks at us straight in the eye— steadfast, sincere and not shedding a tear, while knowing we’re all weeping and feeling our grief. 335 more words

Cam Tait's Blog

Chile elevates speed record to smashing high

CCTV footage shows the horrifying moment a lift malfunctioned in Chile and rocketed up a building badly injuring the passenger inside. A technical problem prevented the doors from closing and saw the lift pick up speeds of 50mph as it passed 31 floors in 15 seconds.


Canine Label Wars: Santa Checks His List Twice. You Should Too.

Yet another disturbing case has surfaced this morning about how a lack of industry standards is making it tough on canine caregivers and dog lovers everywhere to make informed, educated, and safe decisions. 675 more words

Canine Socialization, Behaviour, And Environmental Enrichment