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Journalists can be the biggest drama queens !

What I mean by journalists being drama queens is the idea that sometimes us journalists like to sensationalise everything, for example the reporting on the Ottawa shootings. 524 more words

Ethics In Journalism

Michaëlle Jean’s authentic approach to leadership - CBC News

Authentic leadership is defined by learning from experience through courageous self-exploration. It shuns denial, it aggressively seeks feedback and has more to do with who you are than you who imitate especially in this era of “leadership as a cult of personality” according to Bill George.  123 more words


The Advisory Board for the Institute of Population and Public Health shares its "serious concerns" with CIHR reforms

Ted Bruce has written to the CIHR’s Dr. Alain Beaudet and Governing Council on behalf of the Institute Advisory Board (IAB) for the Institute of Population and Public Health (IPHH), detailing their “serious concerns” with the CIHR’s recently announced reforms. 122 more words

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Artists with dementia still able to draw from memory

An interesting paper titled “Preserved Drawing in a Sculptor with Dementia”

The CBC has a good description here:

“Art and music are less vulnerable to cognitive decline, a new Canadian study suggests.

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CBC News: "Scientists will be forced to knock on doors under health research grant changes"

Kelly Crowe, award-winning reporter for CBC News, breaks the story on December 3rd about how CIHR’s recent decisions regarding its processes and structure will negatively impact the current momentum within the Aboriginal health research community in Canada.

Read the full story here.


Ryane Clowe's father charged in cocaine trafficking probe

Ryane Clowe’s father, Anthony, has been charged with money laundering and the possession of property obtained by crime as part of a “high-level” cocaine trafficking probe, according to CBC News. 57 more words