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Saturday Night Blues

I’m a big fan of CBC radio.  Saturday eve means blues with Holger Peterson.

I don’t have enough in my collection, it would be a huge undertaking to build a respectable catalogue. 24 more words


Day Six: Coffee, Contemplation, and a picnic...

I kept yesterday’s promise: an earlier start and a real Americano from Atlantis Coffee in Regina. Set my first complete solo day off perfectly.

Then, one great silly moment with two Manitobians (again). 414 more words


on language

Thank you, CBC, for sharing 2 great ideas for decentring dominant cultural ways of communicating. These inspire me to wonder about ways for Inuit and non-Inuit to look together about how language helps and hinders our efforts to understand each other and work well together. 614 more words

Jonathan Goldstein: Whither the whistlers? On what it means to lose a useless skill

Sunday. 10:42 a.m. It was a mistake to have ordered the “lumberjack breakfast,” a meal consisting of pancakes, eggs, and three different kinds of pork. Rather than lumberjacking, I feel like lying down on the curb and napping. 547 more words


Day 6 for July 26: The half-dozen most interesting facts and figures Brent Bambury found this week

Each week, CBC Radio’s Brent Bambury collects six of the oddest and most interesting news items for you to peruse. This week: The world’s largest rubber duck on the loose, a fire department that swears by its wooden ladders and mosquito-sniffing dogs. 204 more words


feedback loop

my latest video

Globetrotting (Song of Metacognition)

JavaScript required to play Globetrotting (Song of Metacognition). 111 more words

Jonathan Goldstein: On wandering the library in search of an author to plot one's life

Sunday. 9:30 a.m. Being an adult is hard.

This is the only excuse I have for forgetting to renew my driver’s licence. For the past two years. 533 more words