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Animals in Captivity: Vital Conservation or Public Amusement?

This month, Andrew Moss, a social science research officer at Chester Zoo, gave an interesting talk on the importance of zoos regarding conservation efforts:

“Zoos, Conservation and the United Nations: What’s the Link?” 578 more words


Vaping CBD oil for pain

Several weeks ago I started vaping. I really like it for a lot of reasons. It cuts down on smoking cigarettes, it does not stink up the house so I can do this indoors, there are tons of options from what kind of device you choose to use to flavor and tobacco strength levels. 1,079 more words

Images of Hawke's Bay

A leaf light pole
Public art in Hastings, by David Trubridge
A 5x-weekly photograph from around Hawke’s Bay :-)

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Hawke's Bay

healthy food?

hey guys!

so lately i have been (sort of) on a health food craze. i first discovered kiss the berry, raw juicery and then cocobliss. there are still heaps of health food/superfood shops that i have yet to try but we’ve all got to start somewhere. 452 more words

Acai Bowl

Restaurant Week 2014: Wolf @ Gemmill Lane

It’s the start of restaurant week again!

Every time I go to restaurant week, it feels like a roller coaster ride. The anticipation of some good/decent/spectacular food and the disappointment when reality doesn’t meet expectation. 552 more words

Disappointing Eats

5 free things to do in Melbourne.

With minimum wages scheme in Australia, things can get pretty expensive around here. So, for long-term travellers or people just on a shoestring budget (i.e. me), here’s my list of 5 free things to do in Melbourne, just within CBD area that is. 381 more words

Travel: Australia

Charlotte's Web

Genetics are unknown, but it hails from Colorado. It’s very similar to a strain from Northern Cali called AC/DC. It has a 24/1 ratio of… 312 more words