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CBeebies birthday card

My attention has been diverted from the memory quilt while I’ve been busy working on a birthday card for my little man who turns one on the 14th. 333 more words

Returning to work - the plan and how it worked...

I am a domestic goddess…

I am a supermum…

I can handle ANYTHING….

This is my plan:

Now that we are a few months in I thought I would update you on how it’s going…or not…or maybe it is… 646 more words

The Boy

Cbeebies - it's a love/hate thing...

From the sublime:

To the ridiculous:

I know a lot of people have had some pretty harsh things to say about Postman Pat. The man is clearly an incompetent nerd. 492 more words

Mother Musings

Appy Days

From a very early age, my son has been exposed to smartphone apps and technology. This was never a pre-determined, parental technique we had in mind before he was born, but more a reaction to some of the sleepless, desperate situations we found ourselves in the early throws of parenthood. 353 more words


A TV-kind of day

I always feel I little bit bad when the Block watches TV. All I ever hear is how you shouldn’t let your child watch too much TV, problem is: Cbeebies just have so many good programs ;-) 182 more words


Surprises - 0-9 months

Here are a few of the things which have surprised me most during Boo’s first 9 months…

1. It really is amazing how little sleep you can survive on. 279 more words


Screen Time

I think like any parent, I’m concerned with the amount of screen time Moo has at home. When I say ‘screen time’, I mean time spent watching TV, or DVDs, or on the tablet playing games, and when I say I’m ‘concerned’, I mean I thought about it fleetingly the other day and thought ‘ooh that’ll make a good blog post’. 1,037 more words