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Protester Attacks Jay Levine LIVE on CBS 2!

There’s nothing like being live and local. That’s our philosophy here at 104.3 K-Hits! Same goes for our sister TV station, CBS 2. And, that was certainly proven today. 149 more words


Elementary - Season 2 Episode 18 - The Hound Of The Cancer Cells Review

This was more like the hound of boredom! What happened here? Everything had been flowing so nicely and then boom, you drop an episode about medical patents. 238 more words


Criminal Minds - Season 9 Episode 19 - The Edge of Winter Review

This week on Criminal Minds there was an opportunity to go a bit deeper on a case. Usually it’s all about tracking a current serial killer/murderer, but this time it was about testifying for a trial. 196 more words


The Mentalist - Season 6 Episode 14 - Grey Water Review

The working theory with the guys is that whoever killed LaRoche was someone with a grudge against the CBI, and so they start digging through all their old cases, putting together a list of all the most likely suspects. 291 more words


How I Met Your Mother - Season 9 Episode 21 - Gary Blauman Review

We’re almost there now! Only a couple more episodes to go until he meets his future wife properly. We started Gary Blauman with a flash forward to Ted and whateverhernameis’ first date. 299 more words


Criminal Minds - Season 9 Episode 18 - Rabid Review

Criminal Minds writers probably love to write the most horrific stories ever. This week was a reminder that the bad and the ugly is always out there, and if the episode was all about anger, we certainly felt that anger too. 281 more words


Los Angeles News Anchors React To Earthquake Live On The Air

By Adam Bookbinder

While most of us were still asleep during this morning’s earthquake, the local news’ morning shows were in full swing.

The 4.4 earthquake struck around 6:25am while stations were live on the air.  103 more words