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Beginning to process

In June 2014, I was diagnosed with delayed-onset chronic post-traumatic stress disorder.

In April 2013 I was subject to a violent sexual assault. I thought I was fine, laughed it off.   271 more words

Mental Health

BBC Free Speech: Mental Health Debate

Yesterday evening I turned on my TV and witnessed some amazing points of debate around the subject of Mental Health in this country. Most importantly in my eyes was the fact that people were talking about it at all. 1,407 more words

Childhood Anxiety: A Great Book for Anxious Little People

The last few times I’ve been to my therapist/counsellor my ‘depression score’ on her Beck tests has been going down (yay!) and my ‘anxiety score’ has been creeping up (less yay). 1,059 more words


Just a bit of a rant....

I was on Destiny tonight, speaking with my friends, who also suffer with Anxiety and Depression. We have different degrees of it but we all understand each other. 1,285 more words


Sitting Up right

My wife thought it would be a good idea to eat down in the dungeon basement tonight with our neighbor.  I was thinking it never turns out good when the neighbor shows up.  314 more words

Bondage Gear

I want to skip tomorrow :|

It’s my first CBT appointment, and it’s also supposed to be gale-force winds all day (something about a hurricane in Bermuda… wonderful). Those two things on their own would be manageable- put together and all of a sudden I feel like I want to cry. 139 more words