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Depression and Anxiety – which therapy is for you?

Although I usually don’t discuss specific diagnoses on this blog or for that matter refer to any therapy or technique, I think that it is important for me to share some of the knowledge that my clinical training has offered me. 1,568 more words

Mountains From Molehills!

I had my second CBT appointment on Thursday. At the first one Kuda asked me to write down my goals of what I want to achieve from my sessions with him. 790 more words


The First Day in Heaven

Today was my first day getting to observe and participate at a session with a beautiful and trained woman dominating a man who’s tolerance for pain is admirable. 412 more words


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Action

I’ve known about CBT for awhile now because, well, I’ve done self-therapy for quite awhile. As simple as it sounds, and as unrealistic as it’s always sounded to me, I’ve used it twice now with success! 268 more words


My Mind is a Battle Field

The Fight

The shadows of the soldiers on the opposite side seemed to blend into one dark, writhing mass. They would advance forward toward us, stop, then advance again. 403 more words

Spinoza's Philosophical Psychotherapy

Spinoza’s Philosophical Psychotherapy

- Rational Techniques of Emotional Therapy

(Remedia Affectuum) -

“All things come from One, and are resolved into One.”

- A precept of the Orphic Mysteries, c. 7,475 more words



In September of 2000, I had a psychotic break that resulted in a 2-week stay on an inpatient psych ward after I spent nearly 10 days awake when I left my abusive boyfriend. 686 more words

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