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An Idolatrous Relationship with Food

Happy holidays folks! This is a rough time to talk about dieting, but the goal of being a healthier thinner person isn’t going to disappear even while their are holiday events or homemade cookies around. 704 more words


Biased thinking

A popular treatment for social anxiety or any anxiety is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). According to CBT, our thinking affects emotion, emotion affects our behavior, and behavior affects our personality. 81 more words

A new treatment in the new year... EMDR?

So, today I met with my CBT therapist (and also with my support worker) and I raised the point of my recent panic attacks. I explained to my therapist how I’ve been feeling. 364 more words


OCD and Control

I’ve been cleaning my house for the past 2 weeks with the sort of dedication that the Dalai Lama gives to his meditations. The thought of a lamp facing the wrong direction by a half-inch is enough to wake me from a deep sleep and have me cleaning all around that lamp for hours. 1,119 more words


Identifying My "Core Beliefs", Slowly But Surely

I’ve only been with my new therapist for three weeks but already she’s blowing my mind. She’s easy going and talks like a person and not a psychology audiobook, so I don’t actually know yet what specific school of psychotherapy she follows (I should maybe find out, just in case it’s an obscure, sadisticĀ one where they kick puppies to relieve tension in secret, but she seems much too nice for that and also, it probably isn’t a thing), but this week we talked about the idea of core beliefs, which is part of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). 1,550 more words

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Losing a generation

Yesterday was the worst nightmare for everyone who belongs to Pakistan or rather i would say anyone in the world who is connected to humanity by even a frail thread. 537 more words