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Worst night's sleep in ages.

So, it’s 5am here, I’ve been up on and off since 2, after going to bed at 9ish. The only benefit of times like this? I’m going to have some time with the house fully quiet, where I don’t feel like there’s something better I could be doing with my time. 325 more words


A sketch - CBT (any psychological therapy)

This is a sketch I have just written partly based on my NHS experiences of psychological therapy with a HINT of exaggeration!

Mr Jeffreys is a 40 year old, single, white, male arriving, ashen-faced for his first CBT appointment. 448 more words

9 Questions for Public Health Coordinator Phil Chick

I’ve been invited to a mental health forum. We have been asked to put questions to the public health coordinator. Here are my questions:

  1. Someone I know had bipolar and agoraphobia (they couldn’t go out the house), and yet they were told they could only go help if they go to their doctors (which is outside their house!).
  2. 443 more words

A trigger moment

I will never forget the day I was standing at my laundry trough and my former husband entered the room. I knew it was him. I sensed him behind me and made to turn and say Hi. 823 more words

Fight trauma, play Tetris!

One of the most incapacitating problems that people experience after a traumatising event are flashbacks. Flashbacks are involuntary and intrusive memories that appear in the form of vivid images or re-experiencing bits of the incident. 632 more words


Time to Switch

Speaking of break ups…

I broke up with my therapist today via email. Why email you ask? Because surprise, surprise…the woman is not around. My main issue with… 339 more words

These scars will bleed

So I’m sat waiting at my first CBT appointment, it’s running late. I hate being late, it sends my heart racing, I get irritable and annoyed. 152 more words

Finding Happiness