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Here is something I have learnt recently. Our thoughts can be incredibly destructive. How often do you make a mistake and call yourself an idiot? How often do you blame yourself for things that weren’t really your fault? 902 more words


Beginning my journey with SPARX

When I started SPARX, I was greeted by The Guide, who introduced me (in a cool Australian accent) to SPARX. I created an avatar with awesome blue hair, and the game began. 446 more words


Fitness to Practice - Why I've not been blogging.

It’s been a while hasn’t it folks! As some of you may know I live with quite a few chronic illnesses. Unfortunately I have had a flare up of some of them, whilst other symptoms are still being investigated. 381 more words


Digital mental health tools: how do they work?

Teaching cognitive behavioral tools for mood management has been a large part of my psychotherapy practice since I began over 10 years ago.  Some of the most effective tools are… 619 more words

Quick (depressing) thought on CBT

I have been having a rough few days, mood-wise. Today, I worked through a good portion of a CBT workbook for depression and anxiety, putting in all of my mental effort. 200 more words

'Your comfort blanket is becoming a noose'


I apologise for the weird chronology of my posts – I’m slowly telling parts of my story but it’s jumbled because I try to post spontaneously and not edit after. 1,374 more words


Day Twenty-two

Today was my best day so far!

I woke up feeling motivated and went straight out for a run which gave me energy and clarity.  257 more words