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It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

A difference I have noticed between the United States and Germany is the start of Christmas and all the festivities that come along with! In the states, people normally start putting up their Christmas decorations either on or the day after the Thanksgiving holiday (late November). 338 more words

Week 16: From Berlin to Prague!

This week consisted of relaxing and going to Prague from Berlin! So much fun and unforgettable memories. See the video of my adventures in Prague now. 52 more words

The One Hundredth...

Today is an important day. For a lot of reasons.

1. I have officially been in Germany for 100 days today!

2. It is the 107th birthday of my favorite state in the Union! 912 more words


The One Where I Actually DO go to School...

It has been brought to my attention that I haven’t talked about school… practically at all. Don’t worry, loved ones, I am definitely going to school here, and school is so, incredibly different in Germany. 843 more words



Hallo Leute! So I am completely shocked and still a little bit confused, but on Saturday I received an email from a local YFU representative about scheduling an interview for CBYX!!!! 210 more words

Done. Fertig. BOOM.

I have finally finished my YFU-CBYX application!!! By that, I mean that I have the forms filled out, essays completed, and everything is ready to mail in very soon. 311 more words

Week 14: Dinners, Girls Night Outs, & the Berlin Wall Memorial.

This was a very busy week in Berlin consisting of a: Halloween pub crawl, dinner w/ my CBYX friends, great Girls Night Out, visit to the Berlin Wall Memorial, and more!