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Tacos and Cheese Burgers and Philly Steaksandwiches, OH MY.

Hallo Leute!

So…5 MORE DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR DC. It’s all beginning to finally sink in that this experience is about to happen. I honestly don’t think there are words to describe my emotions. 741 more words

A State of Matter

On Monday I began swim lessons as my host sisters are swim instructors and I could train with them for free. Me being the frugal person I am, decided that swimming, which I despised quite strongly, would do as all I needed was some exercise and things to fill my time with. 554 more words


Homesickness, Holy Ghosts, and Hounds

August 24. 2014

Today marks three weeks since I left home. It feels like I left yesterday, but at the same time that I had been here longer than just three weeks. 708 more words


"All You Need is Love...And a Worterbuch..."

Wow. Just so you know, the stories about the absolute lack of wifi at language camp are no joke. There is no wifi anywhere. In fact, I’m not even sure if there is wifi in Hedersleben… … 1,859 more words



Oh my God I’m freaking out. They have Xena and Buffy ON TV here on weekends!!! I don’t even have to dig around and find it! 48 more words

First Days with the Gastfam

So to start things off, I have to say I’m severely sorry that I have not posted in a while, everything has been very… hectic… here.  621 more words

Foreign Exchange

Here I am!

Yup, I’m still alive. Sorry it took me so long to write, everything’s been really hectic. For one thing, I don’t speak German. I know everyone says learn it before you go and we all think “eh, I’ll learn it there.”  No, you should LISTEN. 743 more words