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Very True German Stereotypes :/ They aren't what you think they are....

Here is a very true and interesting video on the German Stereotypes!

Take Care and I will try to get an update out tomorrow about some cool things I experienced during my stay there and some cool places to visit, when you are in Europe ;) 6 more words

The Final Blog Post of This Exchange Year- Let's Change the German Stereotype

The video above is a mid-sized video giving thanks to all of you and some things that happened during the times I didn’t Blog. The point of this program is to break the German Stereotypes and that is something I will fully commit to doing, such as public presentations and encouraging foreign exchange and Germany. 155 more words


For those of you who don’t speak German (me) and had to look up what this means (also me), it means that my last post is now completely irrelevant because I am leaving in THREE DAYS.  226 more words

Update on Germany and Tip No. 1 for Exchangers

So as I sit here patiently waiting on my blueberries and cucumbers to freeze for an afternoon smoothie, I thought that this would be a fantastic opportunity to waste time and avoid studying German. 478 more words

An Introduction

There is less than a month until I leave for Germany, and I get more and more excited each day. I hope I can look back on my early posts at the end of my exchange and reflect on how much I’ve grown. 152 more words


I'm Not Dead

I haven’t posted on here for months and I apologize. Not that many people read this blog anyways. But between my last post and now, sooooo much has happened. 369 more words

Foreign Exchange

Exchange Student: Germany and Back

Not all those who wander are lost  - J.R.R. Tolkien I spent the last ten months “wandering” through Germany and some other parts of Europe. I travelled through seven countries (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovania, and Croatia) and visited large metropolises and small villages. 255 more words

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