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Ambassador Alert: Having Tons of Fun Basking in the Spring Sun and Downhill MTB

The past few days have been absolutely wonderful. I have spent tons of time outside biking, helping my host family and getting ready for my ambassador project next Tuesday. 142 more words

Video Blog!

Hey everyone! I am going to make a video blog while I am in Germany, and will be talking about living in Germany, the application process, and some other things that are coming up. 30 more words

Would you like to be a guest-Author on Igor Travels Abroad?

Have you traveled before and are very enthused about it?  Do you dream to travel and just want to express how it could benefit you? 99 more words

My Reaction to Easter Break, Time of Rejoyce! Are you jealous? :)

My reaction to spring break:

Finally on Easter Break for a few weeks! I look forward to having fun!

Stay happy and healthy,


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Concentration; Why you need it to Achieve your Goals and how it Makes you Successful....

Being able to stay focused on a task is very important in the workplace, school and what you want to do. It’s being able to be self-disciplined enough to ignore everything else and hold your ground and just accomplish what’s in front of you. 32 more words

My adventure so far

My application story is a little different then most poeples. Most students apply in December and they have a lot of time to perpare and make sure everything is perfect. 328 more words


The Beginning


My name is Carly Chott and I will be living in Germany for a year! I am a recipiant of the Congress Bunstag Youth Exchange scholorship (CBYX) for short. 162 more words