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Student Run Agencies: Much More Than Your Average PR Class

Written By: Taylor Burbank

With graduation ahead for many Central Communication Agency (CCA) members, one particular issue seems to be a roadblock in the post-college job search: How does experience in a student-run agency, like our own, fit in on the resume? 291 more words

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This is It :)

Wow, it’s been really long. About 3 months to be exact. To update this has always been on my mind.. But all the work and commitments.. 479 more words

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Associate Lecturer and PhD Researcher Iain Taylor delivered a seminar on the 27th March entitled “Revaluing a Devalued Format? 178 more words


The Evolution of the Ellensburg School District

Written By: Silver Caoili

The Ellensburg School District (ESD) has been partnering with the Central Communication Agency (CCA) since September 2013. The ESD first became a client of the CCA to improve their district wide communication with school administration, teachers, community members and parents. 238 more words

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"Revolving Doors" never hit anyone in the ass on their way out. But they should.

Inside the Private Prison Industry’s Alarming Spread Across America | Alternet

While the total prison population in the country grew 16% between 2000 and 2011, the state private prison population grew 106% … 119 more words

Are training & education able to be competent?

For longer than I want to admit I have designed training, educated workforces, and missed the point of identifying competencies needed for performance success. Success meaning when the person performs their role at a consistent high level of quality that is measured and evaluated – not by the multiple choice test taken in class or via “e” or “m” learning but on the job over time. 602 more words

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Cradle to Grave; Criminal INjustice reform Tulsa style

Okay, I know this issue is a little old, but it still rankles me. I personally don’t live in Tulsa County anymore, although I have had the privilege of staying a night in DLM once. 485 more words