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Being Thankful

On Tuesday I walked into the MFA space and noticed there were a few items out of place in the kitchen, a fairly new bicycle and microwave were sitting there with a note. 252 more words

Character Design #____

Peacock through time! Or at least I should say periods?….uh….So anyhow the challenge was to draw a character that a partner gave you-mine was a peacock guitarist-and to give them differing costume designs. 15 more words


Process, Pollution, and Passing

A Review of Kimberly Roush’s most recent work.

By: Rachael Layne Rush

Leaves are collected from different Maple trees indigenous to Roush’s home in Columbus Ohio. 324 more words


Review: Filter Experiments - The work of Erek Nass

The work of Erek Nass employs continuing experimentation and exploration of filtering perception; often tricking all five of the senses with finely constructed technologically savvy pieces. 400 more words



Week one of the daily habit assignment has passed, and I have to say I’m grateful for this assignment. Because of my 365, I’ve kept my camera on hands with me while I’m out and about. 251 more words


Project 3, Creative habit: week 2

This project was totally flipped on its head. Alright, not totally, but I scrapped part of the original idea and that was to do my hand lettering by hand (obviously.) The first day, I decided to do a layout of the typography in Photoshop and recreate it with watercolor pencils…and failed. 671 more words


Doodle #___

So I play this game called Flight Rising which is a dragon breeding sim. I joined it a while ago and had a spark of excitement when I thought, hey lets characterize my dragons into humans. 7 more words