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3D WIP Progress

Making a bit of process in my scene of animation where a little figurine is gazing at the sun, I was playing with lighting since hes sunbathing but then the sun moves out of his range and he has to do what he can to be able to get on the window. 28 more words


Doodle #7

APRIL 16TH, 2014 WEDNESDAY; Doodles and Week Sumary

So I’ve looped back into expressions but this time I decided to take a different approach. I was given the advice to focus on shapes as well so I didnt actually focus alot of attention into the expression itself. 377 more words



Today I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed inside to shoot. I live in a dorm and there is really no light. I took my little lamp and took my green t-shirt and tossed it over it. 96 more words



Adoxography. \a-doks-’o-graf-E\

(n.) beautiful writing on a subject of little or no importance.


Stilly....Stilly fun.

I was going through some videos I’m editing and were taking stills of some frames that I greatly enjoyed. Many of the stills I’m planning on seeing if I can make a general shape or character from them since I see a lot of potential in them. 41 more words


Changing Imagery.

Over the course of this semester this project has taken on multiple forms, and experienced many shifts in both how I choose to talk about it as well as how I am choosing to present it.   257 more words