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I am not usually susceptible to homesickness, but it hit me hard at one point in Yosemite.

I’ve always been a wanderer at heart. While I was in high school, my family first thought about moving from Illinois to California. 1,115 more words


July 28, 1987: Homesick

This project is really getting frustrating. It seems like nobody knows what’s going on, and every time we think we’ve got it, someone changes their mind. 132 more words


Around the Fire

Camp life on a trail crew is centered around the camp fire. The camp fire becomes sort of like the crew’s living room/dining room combo. Meals are eaten around the fire. 761 more words


The Dish Pit

A central point of social life on Yo2 was the dish pit.

I suppose it was technically the dish line, but the pit itself seemed to be the focus of attention. 909 more words


The Mound

The Mound became our nemesis during our stay at Vogelsang.

The Mound needed to be one hundred feet long by one hundred feet wide. It was constructed of crushed granite. 557 more words


*"I Know The Shepherd" by Todd Parsley

“I Know The Shepherd”

The story is told of a Shakespearean actor who was known everywhere for his one man shows of readings and recitations from the classics.
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Faith Based

Project Problems

Marty Acree was our foreman on the septic project. He had worked on a similar project at the Merced Lake High Sierra Camp. He was an experienced guy. 369 more words