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CCC AGM Nov 2014 & public meeting

Thank you to those who attended and to those who were unable to make the meeting but who sent apologies.

Reports of the officers were presented at the AGM. 171 more words


Function in scheme to find median

I am new to Scheme and I am using Dr.Racket to try to find the median of the list.

If the length of list L is odd, the function median returns the median element in the list. 304 more words

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Grey Hood

There are times when you just don’t feel like wearing anything too complicated or not even elegant. Times when you just want to be comfortable and warm. 123 more words


oct + nov

The last two-ish months have flown by. In the past, my five weeks of student teaching during the middle of the semesters seems to really feel like five full weeks. 127 more words


Does training help the body burn fuel more efficiently?

An important part of getting fitter, and improving both speed and endurance is training the body to burn fat at higher levels of intensity. This is really important for athletes who do the things I like doing – running (because they can go faster and further) and mountaineering (because mountaineers don’t have very good access to food to top up their limited carbohydrate stores). 1,035 more words


CCC prepares for American Heritage

Clearwater, FL – We spoke with Coach John Davis, Jon Dougherty and Brandon Junk about their upcoming game against American Heritage.

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