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Can Urban Farms Be Sanctuaries for Bees?

By Rachel Nehemiah

Of all pollinators, bees account for the greatest amount of pollination: about 80-90 percent worldwide. And we can thank bees for about one third of our crops too – things like onions, broccoli, chilli peppers, watermelons and pumpkins rely on bees for pollination. 461 more words


Classes 7 & 8 November 12 & 19, 2014

I just looked and realized that, once again, I did not post an update on last week’s class. I might be losing my mind.

In any case, last week, we covered the Sacrament of the Eucharist. 601 more words

Religious Education

Cozy Catholic CCD - Edition 2: Creation

One of my goals for this blog is to talk about the Catholic faith–not only how it is lived out in my own experience, but also the actual teachings of the Church, in all of their complexity, difficulty, and beauty. 1,742 more words


State Department's "Technical Difficulties" Continue Worldwide, So What About the CCD?

– Domani Spero
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The “technical difficulties” at the State Department continue today.  State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke told Yahoo News that  the State Department is still investigating who — or what — launched the attack saying, “I don’t have anything to share at this point on the origins of the intrusion.” 548 more words

State Department

5 insightful TED talks on Honey Bees

We have selected 5 insightful TED talks on Honeybees, from beekeepers to scientists, all bee lovers, and all speaking about the importance of the honey bees. 474 more words

Honey Bees

Are the Kids Alright? The Missing Children of St F

Throughout my entire tenure at St F, I taught CCD classes at a variety of levels, from pre-school to Confirmation. The last time I went to St F was back in 2009. 661 more words

Burn Bag: Consular Leadership Tenet #5: Something Seriously Wrong With the CCD. Communicate?

Via Burn Bag:

“Why is the CCD [Consular Consolidated Database] such a piece of trash lately and when is Senior CA Management going to communicate honestly with the Field what the problem is? 

28 more words
State Department