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Schlachtwerk custom Brat bike.

This is a beautiful custom bike made by Schlachtwerk custom factory in Offenbach. Based on a W650 engine, the rest is custom built. the bike weighs about 154 kilos which makes it super fun to ride.


A Brief History of Photography: Part 10 - Sputnik & Digital Photography

In October 1957, with the launch of Sputnik, the Russians, under the leadership of Sergei Korolev, won the first leg of the space race over the American program led by Werner Von Braun. 1,801 more words


Nude face

At night, seemingly boring places begins to transform vividly. Beautiful lights and street bokeh fills any scene that captures it and people tend to be more relax. 67 more words


Autumn in Frankfurt

sometime theres theres is a moment when everything seems to be right. the light, the mood and the most important after all….you have your camera ready to shoot. 24 more words


Amanda Portraiture

Minimal editing. Life is getting simpler for me. Embracing the “lesser gears, more photography” motto.


colony collapse disorder

i hope you all are pretty familiar with colony collapse disorder or CCD, a threating cause for disappearance of bees from certain areas .some researchers concluded that these massive disappearance are caused by electromagnetic radiation or signals emitted from cell towers ,wifi signals or due to any wireless communication . 91 more words

Bee Hives