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The Secret Death of Bees

Have you heard of CCD? If not, then you should have. It is a disease that is spreading and is causing an epidemic that if not contained and managed effectively is likely to cause nothing less than an agricultural catastrophe. 847 more words


Add Sunspots to the List of Possible Causes of Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

In 2006 a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) emerged. Beekeepers and scientists noticed that large numbers of adult honey bees were leaving their hives and failing to return, which had large implications for farmers and growers who use honey bees as pollinators. 359 more words

Entomology News

Class #1 September 24, 2014

There is not much to report from last night’s CCD class. We knew we would have to spend a fair amount of time simply getting organized, so there would not be enough time to teach a full lesson. 161 more words

Religious Education

Homegrown Catholics

Homegrown Catholics is a Catholic homeschool blog with a variety of Catholic themed activities.



"Save the Bees"

While working on a Day of the Dead (cigar box) altar about the continued plight of honey bees, I was inspired to extend the message into this little recycled wood “nicho.” 52 more words

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Moonlighting as a Teacher

After seven years, I am back in the classroom. Well, sort of.

At a recent mass, our priest made an appeal to the congregation asking for volunteers to teach religious education on Wednesday nights, also known as CCD. 657 more words


Color sorter

Daewon GSI’s current representative color sorters (NANTA ACE, PUBU KING series) can sort various kinds of food materials because they are fitted with CCD, BI-chromatic and NIR sensors. 160 more words

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