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扭曲的快速世界:有趣的「Rolling Shutter」效應相片


sorenragsdaleCMOS + rolling shutter = floppy airplane propeller

Silver-eyeHelicopter Blade

wmliuRolling Shutter

事實上,只要你的相機是使用 CMOS 感光元件,由於其傳輸影像資料的特性,在拍攝快速動作的物體時,經常容易出現這樣的現象,稱為「Rolling Shutter 效應」。

有時它會造成令人困惑的影像扭曲,有時它卻能創造出極富創意的視覺經驗;現在多數手機和數位相機都使用 CMOS 做為感光元件,所以很可能也能拍出這樣的相片,各位不妨也試試看吧!

Jeremy Lusk… 11 more words


Research into bee-killing pesticides is tainted by corporate interests

Members of Britain’s parliament say industry-funded research is compromising the fight to save pollinators

Lindsay Abrams

(Credit: Betty Shelton/Shutterstock)

Here’s one way to keep us from finding out once and for all whether pesticides are contributing to the mysterious and catastrophic collapse of the world’s bee colonies: let the people manufacturing the pesticides fund the studies. 547 more words


Survey shows continued honey bee colony loss in Virginia

From Southeast Farm Press

Over last winter (between October 2013 and April 2014), 32.8 percent of managed honey bee colonies in Virginia died, according to the 8th annual  … 313 more words


How CCD (Nearly) Ruined A Generation of Catholics

I apologize in advance to anyone who might have stumbled upon the beginning of this blog post on Wednesday, July 23th.  The incomplete draft of this post was accidentally published on my website before I was able to take it down.  3,229 more words

Personal Reflections


Aristotle had a beautiful mind. And a hunch about honeybees. He thought they collected honey from rainbows. He may not have gotten the science right but he sensed that there was more to bees then their bristling good looks. 336 more words


300 Megapixels Worth of Heartache

So the DNA sequencing facility I work at moved to a different hospital campus a couple weeks back, and the boss finally got rid of a few deprecated sequencing machines that were taking up valuable storage space. 420 more words

What We Should Know


Why do bees pollinate?

Bees pollinate for themselves. They have to pollinate to survive on their own. It is essential for the growth of bee communities, as bees eat it and make it into honey for larvae. 299 more words