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Feb 2014

Gong is a musical implementation of the classic arcade game, Pong. The user adds balls to the system – these generate reverbed plucks of the Mandolin when they collide with surfaces, and leave trails on the screen canvas as if they’d been rolled in paint. 88 more words


Feb 2014

iDrums is a virtual drumkit for iPhone. Our instructor, Ge Wang implored us to build an experience outside the confines of the device’s screen real estate. 100 more words

Sonic Shape Sorter

Sonic Shape Sorter (SoShSo) is a visualizer for music and sound from the system audio. It illustrates an FFT waterfall of sorts, along with spectral chroma energy. 7 more words

Helvetica and Nebulae

Dec 2013

An interactive, musical application with RtAudio DSP and OpenGL graphics (C++). Users can explore their current music playlists by exploding tracks into grain-like constellations, and re-imagine them by chaining grains with a sample-based step synthesizer. 8 more words