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Work from my Beginning Lighting studio class at CCSF this fall.


Leland's Coffee Break Video on YouTube

This morning, I had a cup of coffee before I left the door. The caffeine doesn’t take effect immediately after the first sip, although I wish that it did. 193 more words


Is there real Coffee & food @ccsf ?

Coffee is an important resource for students on any college campus and City College of San Francisco certainly is not an exception to that rule. Students are routinely deprived of sleep as we write our essays, term papers, lab reports, storyboard our video projects, read and memorize facts and case studies, plan and draft various designs… C’mon! 405 more words


What is and why does ""City College San Francisco "ccsf" Accreditation"" questions and answers:

What is and why does “”City College San Francisco “ccsf” Accreditation”” questions and answers?  | web & local community all time new:

Hey, go review web & local community all time answers for What is and why does “”City College San Francisco “ccsf” Accreditation”” questions and answers?: 983 more words


A Fabulous Cross-Generic Hybrid

Last week we had an amusing episode relating to a particularly interesting plant down the street from me. My friend/compadre/mentor Charmain Giuliani, who teaches Plant ID (among other subjects) in the… 1,746 more words


May I please have a cup of coffee with a double-shot of Web 2.0 @ccsf

Welcome to a new blog authored by an over-caffeinated author… Leland.

There’s no better combination than a big steaming cup of coffee with an assignment to create a blog site on WordPress. 154 more words


17 Of The Craziest College Courses Currently Offered In The Bay Area

Ah, college. The doorway to adulthood. A four or five year excuse to drink on Tuesday afternoons. The beginning and end of your a capella singing career. 997 more words