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CD1! CD1! CD1!

Timeline: FET v1.2, CD1

Medications: BCP

Weight: 264.2 (as of yesterday)

Symptoms/Updates/Notes: Cramps, and boy was I grumpy yesterday!


Shark Week officially started today, on day 31.  534 more words

M.I.A. Where I've Been, and Where I'm Going

I’m sorry, I’ve been a bad blogger. I don’t really know what happened, or where the time went. I wrote my last blog post, and then J went out-of-town, and I had intentions of writing some updates, getting some pre IVF jitters off my chest. 884 more words

Well fuck.

Sitting here waiting to have my first beta drawn {because I am a rule follower, except when it comes to waiting to test, apparently} with cramps and period like bleeding. 108 more words

CD 1

I totally just closed fertility friend .4 seconds ago but I can’t remember how long my cycle was, but it was only like 30 something days instead of 40 something days like last cycle! 315 more words


I have never been so ready for CD 1 to get here. I’m tired of waiting and am ready to just start my stupid period already. 106 more words

Yep. CD 1


We have CD 1 people!

Only sleeping for 4 hours last night because of the worst cramps everrrrrr is a small price to pay. 23 more words

CD 0.5

Well thank jesus! It is safe to say that CD 1 will be here soon, however…. still just serious¬†cramps & some spotting, so I have a feeling the… 132 more words