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CDC scientific fraud: an update on Dr. Poul Thorsen who authored fraudulent study 'disproving' vaccine-autism connection and stole millions of dollars

Source: Natural News, by Jonathan Benson, August 28, 2014

The very legitimacy of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a trustworthy safeguard of public health hangs in the balance as evidence continues to emerge about rampant deception, fraud and even money laundering within the agency. 87 more words


CDC: Missouri is Lagging Behind in Measles Vaccinations

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Vaccination rates are up across the country for routine shots, but some states, including Missouri, are lagging behind when it comes to protecting against the measles. 191 more words


Could the Debate Over a Link Between Autism and Vaccines be Resurfacing?

iReport, CNN’s user-generated news community, published a study this month that concluded African American boys are more at risk for autism if they are given the MMR vaccine before the age of two. 249 more words

Breaking: CDC whistleblower's contact censored Brian Hooker's journal paper deleted from site - The book burning begins, by Jon Rappoport , August 27, 2014


Gather ’round in the village square. They’re burning books. The good obedient folk are shouting with glee…

These days it’s all done surgically, with a few clicks of a mouse. 305 more words


CNN asks serial lying liar to comment on CDC whistleblower scandal! by Jon Rappoport, August 29, 2014


You want a perfect example of how mainstream media covers up the truth and endangers lives? Here it is.

Yesterday, CNN published an article about CDC whistleblower William Thompson. 475 more words


Dr. Andrew Wakefield breaks silence on CDC Whistleblower

While other media outlets remain silent on this breaking story, we continue our investigation into the CDC Whistleblower Dr William Thompson… and as a result of Thompson’s statements a collective voice is accusing the CDC of fraud. 189 more words