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Creeping Charlie

Repotted my Creeping Charlie plant!  I like the new pot and I think it does too. :)


Squaw Butte

The Butte was gorgeous this morning!


Kitchen Towels

With cute towels like these around, maybe I’ll be better about cleaning and ironing!  Not sure I could do them in the bonnet and dress though…


Watering Can

Isn’t this cute?  Just got it today!  Now my plants can be watered in style.


A few months of DIT work

I have to start off with apologizing for not updating often enough. Wish I could but it’s hard to find time to do so as well as find time to write about things that aren’t just “here’s what I’m doing now!” My goal of this blog is to help others with the role of a DIT as best as I can. 758 more words


Clean Up

After all the fun comes the cleaning.  Make everything pretty again!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

So the kitchen was a bit of a mess today, but that’s because stuff in these containers was being used to make homemade pizza!  The kitchen is full of all kinds of containers once you think about it.