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World Cup 2014 and busy July

Congratulations to Germany!

It took the highest scoring team Germany 113min to score in the World Cup Final! Argentina did a great defending teamwork!
I was busy in the last 14 days – watching World Cup, some personal travels, and supporting partners for new products. 503 more words

Насколько эффективно использование CDN для мобильных пользователей?

Учитывая недавнее заявление Президента Украины Петра Порошенко о необходимости внедрения сотовой связи третьего и четвертого поколения, а также обязательства НКРСИ, до конца июля, разработать тендерные условия для проведения конкурса на получение операторами лицензий для предоставления услуг связи в стандарте 3G. 24 more words

Построение CDN, OTT

Why we should use Google/jQuery CDN to load JS/CSS library files

Here are the following reasons on behalf of Why we should use Google/jQuery  CDN to load JS/CSS library files

  1. It increases the chance of cache-hit.
  2. 322 more words

Introduction of jQuery

Introduction of  jQuery:

jQuery is a JavaScript library, which lightweight and work on “write less, do more” concept.

jQuery can do a lot of common tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code to accomplished that task, and wraps them into methods that may call with a single line of code. 336 more words


CDN будущего

Давайте попытаемся предсказать будущее бизнес-модели CDN в 2015-2016 годах. Я бы назвал эту модель: CDNs Software Defined Content Delivery Network. SD-CDN. Главной темой SD-CDN безусловно будет являться применение интеллекта.  21 more words

Построение CDN, OTT

5 Easy Way to Speed up WordPress

Today WordPress is the best free Blogging software. Every Blogger likes to run the Blog in WordPress CMS. But should remember that speed in loading which is one of the factor in search engine aspect. 454 more words


[Full Skill Names] Asta/Lencea: Piercer

This is a new updated version of the skill description. Some has been removed like Flow Maker and Flip Dive. Some of the self buffs are now switched to party buffs and they are pretty OP. 673 more words