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CDN කියන්නේ මොකද්ද ??

CDN කියන වචනේ web designing වගේම web developing වලදීත් නිතර අහන්න ලැබෙන දෙයක්.කලින් twitter bootstrap – 1 පොස්ට් එකේදිත් කිව්ව නිසා විස්තර කරලා ලියන්න හිතුවා.CDN කියන එකේ තේරුම Content Delivery Network කියන එක.නමේ තියන විදියටම මේකෙන් කරන්නේ contents deliver කරන එක. 117 more words


What Apple's new content delivery network means for so-called 'net neutrality' - and for you

“In late July, Apple reportedly brought online its own content distribution network (CDN), a way of pushing data files closer to end-users,” Glenn Fleishman writes for Macworld. 156 more words


Seize The Day

This August starts a new chapter.

My CDN demonstration site demo.cheungwaikin.com was launched in Nov 2012 as a hobby. I wanted to share how to use EdgeCast services to make website faster. 286 more words

Serve static and uploaded from separate locations in Django on Heroku

Recently, I was faced with a problem of serving AngularJS templates from a CDN. I wanted to serve everything (‘static’ and ‘media’) from Amazon S3, but got stuck on Angular’s… 429 more words


What is CDN and what is it’s significance ?

CDN stands for content delivery network.

Advantages of using CDN:

1) Latest jQuery framework.

2) Reduces the load from your server.

3) Saves bandwidth. jQuery framework will load faster from these CDN. 110 more words


Apple's $100M content delivery network will mean better downloads when updates hit

Long rumored, Apple’s custom content delivery network (CDN) is now apparently live. The Apple CDN, which provides a more direct route from Apple’s servers to customers’ devices, enables Apple to provide significantly faster downloads of their products, as well as greatly increasing the available capacity for when mass downloads (OS X and iOS updates) hit. 212 more words

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