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Page Formatting Destroyed Due To Shortened JQuery CDN Links

I’m not sure how this happened yet, but after doing some cleanup yesterday in a custom Web Part page that contains links to the jQuery CDN, this morning I looked at my page and the “tabification” courtesy of  jQuery UI was missing, and I had a mess of random HTML scattered all over the place. 77 more words


First time to use BootDev (beta version)

This tutorial is talking about how to do your first BootDev Deployment.

Actually, BootDev Beta is released and there are 2 plans for trial.

Basic Plan – Support for single instance and database for basic requirement… 151 more words



Chrome の Developer Tools→Network→Timing にはリソース取得の各ステップにかかる時間が俯瞰できるようになっていて、このデータへアクセスする JavaScript API も用意されている

諸般の事情により、これと同等のデータを cURL を使ってコマンドラインから取得する方法をメモ。

Timing Details With cURL


cURL デフォルトの出力

cURL デフォルトの表示は以下のようになる(レスポンスデータは -o オプションで /dev/null… 390 more words


Before your BootDev deployment, you should have a AWS account and Bitbucket Account

Before you start to use BootDev to do your website backend deployment, you should have AWS Account and Bitbucket Account.

AWS Account – provide a AWS key ID and key secret  165 more words


Why BootDev -- For website builders' Backend as a service (wBaaS)

Recently, we launched a project, bootdev which deploys a configured Drupal site (Drucloud) into a pre given architecture into users’ personal AWS account. We call it website backend as a service (wBaaS). 293 more words


Why bootdev -- CDN configuration

Why bootdev CDN config

One of BootDev’s website backend feature is CDN auto-deploy. The idea is we deploy the right way of using Amazon Cloudfront (CDN) automatically. 845 more words


Why bootdev -- Caching

Cache structure

For an LNMP structure, you probably will have 3 layers of caching to protect your servers from hitting too much.

Page cache: MicroCache / Varnish / Cloudfront Dynamic Content… 827 more words