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And now for Music Mondays

Better known as day one of me deliberately finding ways to create horrible, cheesy alliterative titles for each day’s over-arching theme. That was the compromise I made with myself to help justify any sort of set organizational system. 734 more words


Cardboard CD Cases (The booklets aren't alright)

I went searching on the internets to see if anyone else shared in my feelings about this but no one did. So naturally, I felt the need to blog about it. 482 more words

Death Metal Monday, A to Z: LUBRICANT

Ahoy.  Nearly half way through our alphabetic odyssey, Death Metal Monday finally finds us in zit-faced Finland with LUBRICANT and their obscure Nookleptia EP from 1993. 307 more words

Album Reviews

Die Antwood coming to Iron City: March 19, 2015

So lets take a step out of the rock genre and into…a South African rap-rave group? I can’t think of many words to accurately describe Die Antwoord, but I something about the music this duo makes draws me in! 71 more words


We Finished Something!

Late last night, around 11, we matched the last CD case with its corresponding disc and artwork, then bagged the leftovers in garbage bags.

It felt VERY, VERY, VERY good (yes, I just yelled at you in text in my excitement; apologies for getting swept away). 188 more words

Tiny House

BMW E21 touring car

we were commisioned to copy the original aluminium cage as close as phsyically possible but with using 1″3/4 CDS tube, we even could not make provision for a door bar on the other side, the old cage is extremly light but would not fancy our chances with a roll over. 8 more words

A Season of Mist CD Grab Bag

Every so often I roll the dice and buy one of those grab bags of 10 or so mystery CDs that you can often order from various record labels. 730 more words