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Vinyl LPs and Slow Food

The LP record — forty-five minutes of analog recording on a twelve-inch, two-sided, black vinyl disc — was declared dead in 1993, soon after the CD hit the market. 639 more words

Dead Technology

Nothing More

How I came across this band was through listening to the radio, and when “This is the Time” came on, I was immediately in love. Then through a chain of events I picked up the album at Best Buy not knowing what to expect. 211 more words


The Big City Best of 2014 list by Fran­cis Davis

Best Jazz Albuns of 2014
Best New Releases:

1 Steve Lehman Octet, Mise En Abîme (Pi)
2 Trio 3 & Vijay Iyer, Wiring (Intakt)
3 Joe Mor­ris Quar­tet, Bal­ance (Clean Feed) 73 more words


Magnet's Best of 2014 list by Bill Meyers

Magnet’s Bill Meyer picks the best jazz/improv releases of the year

1 Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack …Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire (Singlespeed)
2 Brötzmann Adasiewicz Edwards Noble Mental Shake (Otoroku) 64 more words


Le Son du Grisli review by Guillaume Belhomme

Matt Bauder and Day in Picture – Nightshades (CF 289)
En ces temps de Blue Note Revival, écouter Matt Bauder creuser en profondeur les vieilles symétries n’est pas pour me déplaire. 152 more words


All About Jazz review by Glenn Astarita

Joe Morris Quartet – Balance (CF 306)
After several albums and great synergy, guitarist Joe Morris disbanded the quartet in 2000 with many of his associates stating it was a “terrible idea.” For this reunion, the musicians’ artistic evolution surges on via a conglomeration of diminutive and soaring theme-building episodes, asymmetrical footprints, and staggered detours, instilling a continual sense of anticipation. 218 more words