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Facelift for St. Louis Hotel while fate of Cecil still to be determined

A city committee will vote on Friday on changing the historic designation of the old St. Louis Hotel. The designation would be necessary for the East Village to continue its rebirth but will not affect the developers plans to save the landmark. 167 more words


Cecil Whittakers's - St Louis Pizza Review - YouTube

Cecil Whittaker Pizza Italian Restaurant that offers American and Italian cuisines, Pizza & Pizza delivery to the St Louis & surrounding areas. Click and call today.

From an old record box: Cecil - The Most Tiring Day

Between 1997 and 1998 the airwaves of Durham were treated to the finest radio show known (and now lost) to humanity: the Al, Nick and Jonny show.   317 more words


10 Things I Thought While Watching "Wizard Barristers"

by Gabriel Valdez

1. Think of Wizard Barristers like you would a more serious version of Key & Peele’s Law and Order: Wizard City sketch, or the best version of… 1,396 more words

10 Things

Episode 1: The Big Recap

-I will be playing the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV.

-So yeah, as I said in the introduction, I’ve already made some progress into IV by the time I conceived of this blog. 1,596 more words


Welcome To Night Vale - The Librarian live show

Just over two years ago, a podcast with an unknown (to me at least) cast and crew started releasing fortnightly episodes. It’s incredible that over such a short space of time they’ve reached the point where they can tour internationally. 452 more words


What is the link between two definitions of the Lyapunov exponent?

Consider a first order differential equation of the form
\frac{d x(t)}{dt} = A(t)x(t) \;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\; x(0) = x_0 \;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;(*)
where $x(t) \in \mathbb{R}^d$ and $A(t)$ is a $d \times d$ matrix with real coefficients. 163 more words