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September 15: Hatfield House

The Hatfield House is unique for several reasons. The first is the house itself. Built in 1611 by the 1st Earl of Salisbury, Robert Cecil designed the Hatfield House in Jacobean style. 194 more words

Daily Building Fact

Finning the shit out

..Play on words, my favorite!

So this is just a quick post to tell you all…. I’VE GOT FISH

I got them back in the last week of August (Their names are Cecil and Edward) and named them after two of my camp buddies :) (Middle names) being fish they can make their tank pretty gross so today I did a full clean out :O *GASP* . 79 more words

A Romance of the Redwoods (1917) - [Public Domain Movies]

During the California gold rush, a young woman travels to the west coast to live with her uncle. When she arrives she discovers he has been killed by the natives and his identity and property taken by a notorious outlaw.

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Resenha: Pandemônio (livro)

Não existe o antes. Só existe o agora e o que vem depois.

“Em um mundo sem amor, é isto que as pessoas são umas para as outras: valores, benefícios e encargos, nada além de números e dados. 750 more words


Ziltoid the Omniscient

A couple I’ve known for over 15 years visited us at the weekend. They now have three kids, a seven year old boy, a four year old girl and a six month old girl, which made for an enjoyable if slightly chaotic visit. 1,147 more words


The Importance Of Being Busy

The office is dead, the show is in work-runs, The Gnome has swollen up to three times her size, I’m on my 12th cup of Keurig, and Cecil just dropped off her application. 624 more words


Legendary jazz musician claims former friend stole his $500K award

NEW YORK (PIX11) – Legendary New York City musician Cecil Taylor, who is revered as one of the pioneers of free jazz, is seeking justice after allegedly being swindled out of $500,000. 253 more words