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Images of Hawke's Bay

A symbol of the crucifixion,
without which we could never celebrate the resurrection.
Knox Church, Ahuriri-Putorino Presbyterian Parish, Ahuriri, Napier
A 5x-weekly photograph from around Hawke’s Bay :-)
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Hawke's Bay

Happy Ishtar

”You saw Christ, you became Christ.
For this person is no longer a Christian but a Christ.
If someone first acquires the resurrection, he will not die.” –The Gospel of Philip…

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Done with that


I had my final exam today. Potentially my final final exam. Ever.

So … that’s exciting.

But it feels sort of anticlimactic. I walked out of that final reasonably confident that I had done well but also … at loose ends. 604 more words

Ramble Ramble

Calling All Graduates and Post Graduates


Here’s a reminder that we want to hear from all of you graduates or those who have graduated before.

We are so excited about the emails we have already received.   308 more words


I really need to get better at this!

Hello there bloggers and wonderers :) now I haven’t posted in a while, creativity has escaped me for a while now. But hopefully now that my dissertation is finished (yep that’s right the biggest monster of an essay has been slayed!) I will be more willing to dip into my creative mind and pull out some literary treats :) so watch this space because hopefully I will be filling it up ^_^ happy blogging people :)

Thursday Quote Day: Tom Hansen

For this week’s Thursday Quote Day, thought I’d go with a fun movie quote.  Given that it seems like every day now has become “National Something Day” or “International Something Else Day”, here’s a quote from the movie… 20 more words


LT is All About You!

Today is ‘Get to Know Your Customers Day’ so we want to thank all of our new and continuing customers for being such a wonderful group of people and an integral part of our community. 49 more words

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