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And Jamie’s Getting Married

                                                           for Jenny Ratigan  

                                                           on her “retirement”

The kiss of the sun for pardon          

The song of the birds for mirth        

   You are nearer God’s heart in a garden… 340 more words

41 and counting....

My and wife and I ( great way to start that eh?! ) are celebrating our 41st anniversary this weekend; the actual day is the Monday following but as some others of you living in the UK will know, trying to book a restaurant on a Monday is a little trying but without much success. 544 more words

Life Lessons

A Poem for Mary Who is 89 Today

each day to which we wake

each breath we draw

is gift          that is for sure

but still—

like the child at Christmastime


to unwrap the box she had expected… 152 more words

Happy Derbyshire Day!

To kick off my new blog I thought I’d start right on my doorstep with the celebrations of Derbyshire Day. Derbyshire has a Day?, I hear you ask. 329 more words

Calke Abbey

Every step of the way

When I teach horseback riding, I am always looking for the small improvements. I want the riders to know they are progressing, even if the process is taking longer than they ever expected. 637 more words


Three of Cups with The Star

There is the old saying “No man is an island”. Personally I like islands, so although I get the gist of what John Donne was trying to convey through that line in his  343 more words

Minor Arcana

Singing in the shower...

Looking out my window at a beautiful sky, a current strong contrast with the heavy rain showering down a few hours ago.  Right now, calm sky, true blue, powder puff clouds, and that feeling one gets when the air is so clear one can feel bathed in possibilities. 509 more words