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Blog from the past: February 13, 2013 Chinese New Year

In celebration of Chinese New Year, my Chinese class put together an on campus event for the whole campus to enjoy. I would write more about it, but I’m so exhausted that all I have the energy for is uploading photographs and writing short descriptions. 115 more words

Three years in and there's no stopping this train now! (Though it might have to slow down a little…)

Let’s see…if the two’s are “terrible,” then what are the three’s? Tumultuous? Terrifying? Tormented? Maybe a little of each as I write this with a touch of bittersweet that tugs at my words. 1,050 more words


Celebrating the birthday of an adult who was my baby

Glass of wine?
Reminisce with baby photos?
Sentimental movie?
Check (The Time traveller’s Wife)
Check (A tub of Heroes, intended for 5 weeks time!) 757 more words

Attachment Parenting

Exams Over but Continuing Support Needed

Exams are over and there’s no more school so what’s next? Is it just celebrations or does the community have a continuing role?

Schools are focusing on organised celebrations. 315 more words

General News

tis the season to be CRAZY BUSY

I think this is the first weekend since September that the Man and I don’t have an event or formal plans. I really have no idea where the early, warm fall days went, but I’m so excited for the weeks ahead! 103 more words


Happy Birthday Honey

From Your Husband with Love

Sometimes I fuss (as you well know)
And even cuss (not often though)
Sometimes I preach but still it’s true… 417 more words



You know it’s almost Christmas when the decorations are being taken out, presents are under the Christmas tree, streets are beginning to have beautiful lights, there’s fireworks, Father Christmas visiting town (for real, he was at town last week haha), netflix starts showing christmas related movies. 47 more words