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We played that song. You know, the happy one. The song that is humming through the background of everyone’s life these days? It’s bouncy and snappy and, well, happy. 507 more words


Queens rule!

This post is really just an excuse to post photos of two young women who are presiding over this year’s Guelaguetza activities.  The first is the Reina (queen) of the 4th Expo Feria del Queso y Quesillo.  183 more words


Watch Guelaguetza live

Live streaming of the Guelaguetza performances at the Guelaguetza auditorium atop Cerro del Fortín, July 21 and 28 at 10 AM and 5 PM (Central Daylight Time). 7 more words


A Day in Bullets


*Wake up. Chop up some mangos, pineapple, and dragonfruit for breakfast. (Must do at home because I like to suck the remaining fruit off the mango seed while juice drips pretty much everywhere and it looks rather undignified.) 350 more words


Birthday cake for everyone!

Every year, our mother’s group makes a point to celebrate all of our firstborn’s birthdays in one biggish bash. This year’s was a little later than usual, but no less fun. 112 more words


Celebrating the Full Moon - Thunder Moon - July 2014

Ancient people’s considered the Moon to be a deity. For the Romans, she was the goddess Luna, while for the Norse and Anglo Saxons, he was the god Mani or Mona. 297 more words


To Each Their Own Celebration--My Son Turns 21

It seems that the older I get, the more milestones there are to measure. As a child the milestones were momentous to me, but so small in the grand order of things. 454 more words