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Rihanna/Skrillex Inspired Faux Side Shave

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Skrillex Inspired Side Shave Hairstyle

Skrillex is one of my favorite musicians/producers/Djs. He makes the best dub-step music I know and nowadays this side shaved hair that he has, has been quite popular even for the ladies (take Ellie Goulding or Rihanna for an example). 65 more words

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Fifa World Cup 2014 Finals: Who Supported Who?

The Fifa Word cup 2014 Brazil brought just as much excitement everywhere as it always has, if not more. I was also super excited, even though I’m not a big “Sport’s fan” but I like football. 180 more words

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Alexa Chung's Messy LOB: Hair Tutorial

Alexa Chung is known to style her LOB (Long bob) beautifully. Recently, I got a new haircut which is apparently a LOB as well (I think its really easy to style, comfortable and looks gorgeous). 115 more words

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What Does Your Lipstick Shade Say About You?

Lipstick is nowadays an essential for boosting up any look and young girls and ladies are obsessed with it. Its shades are usually matched with the color of the dress. 961 more words

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Marzia Bisognin: Steal her Style!

Marzia CutiePie is a youtuber, she mainly focuses on clothing and fashion. I found this really good outfit of hers, here’s how you can get the look wearing similar items of clothing and accessories.

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BBMA 2013: Winners and Nominations List+


By Creatively3

Yes, I know I’m a little (well ok a LOT) late on this but I just found this from last year, Let this be a “Throw Back” I don’t even know whether its Thursday or not but oh well, here you go! 1,119 more words

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