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Todd Herzog in Deep Trouble

I thought I had posted this last week.

Some of you have asked about Todd Herzog, the former Survivor winner. He had returned to Dr. Phil’s show, when he got cleaned up. 232 more words


Dr. Phil's Sugar Babies and Daddies Show

I’m watching a DVRed Dr. Phil show.

It’s about golddigging women who get money from men who want female companionship.

There’s a semi-hot woman here saying she doesn’t want to give up the lifestyle of someone who gets money for companionship, even though she’s engaged to a man. 239 more words


Cleveland Rocks, Cleveland Rocks

Are you watching the Browns … the BROWNS … bulldoze the Cincinnati Bengals at Cincinnati? At the end of the third quarter, it’s 23-3 Cleveland… 293 more words


Voting. And (sigh), politics

Have you heard, there’s an election coming. Yes, another election. Groan.

I did vote, but I can’t think of a more worthless way to spend an hour. 416 more words


Daniel Snyder's Advice to Jerry Jones

Photo from Deadspin.

What advice would one terrible owner have to another? Because you read this blog, you know the two men, despite the adversarial relationship between the fan bases, are friendly with each other. 244 more words


Combat, Cheaters-style

Thank goodness another season of Cheaters is here for us to, uh, evaluate. We wouldn’t have something as terrific as Tommy Grand or Joey Greco coming back, but it’s still highly entertaining. 161 more words


Golden Tate Calls out Jim Schwartz

This I find amusing, even more so because he’s right: Golden Tate, the wide receiver we called out on this blog for being a total bag, refers to Jim Schwartz’s being carried off the field after… 56 more words