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Ngozi Adichie – My Public Personal Person

It’s like when you find out the private spot you discovered on the beach, which you’ve been showing to only those people who might appreciate it, has now been discovered by the whole town. 428 more words


What is Idolatry?

I remember when I was younger and we would read the list of sins we should definitely stay away from, or maybe even the Ten Commandments. 599 more words


Whacked Out Wednesday

A post on Kourntey Kardashian’s Instagram from a few weeks ago has been brought to my attention. Apparently this nellyperez86, has a seriously crazy grudge against Kourntey Kardashian. 88 more words

Everyday Madness

Religion and entertainment

There is a market for religion just as there is a market for material goods. The primary function of religion is to help people feel better about their lives. 784 more words

Ryan Hite

oscar award show

oscar show play on televisionon a few night ago. Man & Lady & monkey not watch oscar show this year again but instead watch mystery show what have name… 246 more words