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song for liar

monkey have great sick & tiredness of hear all lie what fly out lying bazoo of politician & corporation & spokesperson & celebrity & etc etc etc. 66 more words


Does anyone really believe that Keira Knightley posed topless to make a feminist statement?

My latest blog post for the Los Angeles Times:

Baring one’s breasts to make a statement is all the rage these days. Comedian Chelsea Handler posted a photo on Instagram of her topless self astride a horse to make the point that if Vladimir Putin can ride shirtless, so can she.

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AC/DC's Drummer Has Been Charged With Attempting to Arrange a Murder

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is set to appear before a New Zealand court on Thursday to face charges for attempting to procure a murder after being arrested earlier in the day by police, reports the… 151 more words

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[caption id="attachment_14179" align="alignnone" width="584"]AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd in court yesterday AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd in court yesterday[/caption] Money equals power. Sometimes the power of life and death. Such as when you have enough money to hire a hitman to kill two men. The reason for Phil Rudd's wanting two men dead is not yet revealed to the public. Generally, we can say that money and public worship empowers some people with psychopathic tendencies to go full-blown psycho. [caption id="attachment_14181" align="alignnone" width="584"]New Zealand police outside Phil Rudd's home. New Zealand police outside Phil Rudd's home.[/caption] Rock musicians have a reputation as rebels. Women seem to like that, hence the "groupie," as she is called. Many rockers die young, usually drug-related. Are drugs involved here? Yes,as Phil had drugs in his possession. Are the men he targeted drug dealers? Time will tell.[caption id="attachment_14178" align="alignnone" width="584"]AC/DC AC/DC[/caption]

Just What is Worship?

God’s WordRevelation 4:1-11  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Worship is giving honor to whom honor is due. 347 more words

The Problem with Celebrity Worship

One of my biggest pet peeves is celebrity worship. There is a huge problem in society today with celebrity worship, especially among young people.

Those who know me know that for the most part I couldn’t care less about most major pop culture celebrities, but even I have a few pop culture stars, whose work I like and follow closely. 665 more words

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A Sign in Hollywood California That Speaks Truth

A saboteur did a good thing putting that sign on the sidewalk.

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