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The Ballad of Porn Star Christy Mack

Hello Dear Reader,

Gather round while I tell you the tragic story of a Porn Star named Christy Mack 




Christy was a small town girl who was bored, but hot,

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Why we need to start shaming again. . .

“Alpha, Beta and Omega”

Maybe as a society we should start using these words again. . .

I know for a fact every woman wants the Alpha male, and every man wants an Alpha female. 1,431 more words


That time the Apostle Paul talked about unpresentable parts

I really think there was a twinkle in his eye.  He wasn’t there when they read the letter, so I have to imagine that twinkle, and the corners of his mouth turning up as he grinned to himself thinking about when they would read this. 441 more words

Why We Worship Celebrities (Explained With Comic Books)

I finally understand why people get obsessed with celebrities.

Everyone who is seriously famous has an agent, a manager, a publicist, and some other staff who help them manage their image. 656 more words

In Defense of Barbra Streisand, Michael Urie, and "Buyer & Cellar," a One-Man Play by Jonathan Tolins

Dear Paul,
I have read your July 31, 2014 blog post, “In the Cellar,” which appears immediately below this rebuttal. Your review of Jonathan Tolins’ one-man play “Buyer & Cellar” is extremely well-written, erudite, funny in a self-deprecating way, utterly engaging and insightful, and I completely disagree with your premise and conclusions. 1,314 more words


Love in the "damned" world

Here’s an interesting question. What motivates your love? I’ll bet you, like me, wouldn’t admit to how shallow we are. No, really! We are attracted to beauty, babies, benevolence, brawn and booty. 769 more words


Do We Hate Women This Much?

My wife and I don’t have cable.

I view this as a good thing because gone are the nights of watching something just because it’s on.   1,410 more words