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The Problem with Celebrity Worship

One of my biggest pet peeves is celebrity worship. There is a huge problem in society today with celebrity worship, especially among young people.

Those who know me know that for the most part I couldn’t care less about most major pop culture celebrities, but even I have a few pop culture stars, whose work I like and follow closely. 665 more words

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A Sign in Hollywood California That Speaks Truth

A saboteur did a good thing putting that sign on the sidewalk.

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2073. Compatibility Axioms #471-480

All that follows below is based on the natures of men and women as they are born. Women have to figure out what’s best for them given the lessons they have learned in life and the relationships they enter. 376 more words


Emma Watson Is So Pretty, But She’s Clueless about Feminism

Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films, wants to know why the word “feminism” has become such an “uncomfortable” term.

Watson recently spoke at the UN: 1,180 more words

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The connection between Feminism and Marxism; America is going down a dark path. We are the Soviet Union before the fall.

13 Sexist Things About HeforShe; Everything Sexist About Emma Watson's UN Speech

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1. The name of the campaign, HeforShe.

Even the name is sexist. He-for-She implies that He is doing something For She… 2,293 more words



monkey sick + tired of so much lady butt all over in media. maybe reader have puzzlement what monkey talk about . here 4 example what monkey talk about. 142 more words


new royal baby

monkey see big hype hoopla on televisionon about new royal baby of royal william and royal kate of great united kingdom place. monkey scratch head for show not understand why anyone care even 1 %. 169 more words