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Caedmon and the Marriage Ceremony

Caedmon Learns to Sing:

This chapter begins with the duplication of “Caedmon’s Hymn”, and the story of its origin. This hymn is the first of its kind, written in the vernacular Old English rather than the language of the Church, Latin. 178 more words

my first week, as told by texts

What a week it has been!  I have just over a day until the end of my first week on product.  Since I’ve neglected to blog daily, and so much has happened, here are some selections from my text messages to my friend, Dorothea, from my week 2 meeting (and first shake) on Tuesday (9/2/14) through Monday/today (9/8).   7,891 more words


Disney Girl Challenge: Celia (31DC2014)

I got two birds stoned at once with this manicure, as Ricky from the Trailer Park Boys might say, by combining day six’s theme of violet in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge with my own casual, no-end-in-sight Disney Girl Challenge. 74 more words

Nail Art

Spirit Csi Celia Fate Womens Costume, Extra Large

Reviews Spirit Csi Celia Fate Womens Costume, Extra Large for sale

Please take a few moments to view the Spirit Csi Celia Fate Womens Costume, Extra Large… 89 more words

Guest Blogger: Celia From After Orange County by Interior Design Blog

Hi there! Allow me to introduce myself, your guest blogger today.  My name is Celia Becker and I am the voice behind the lifestyle blog After Orange County |  The OC Housewife Who Ran for the Hills.   34 more words

PMP: Celia, an interactive interview

KaliSara and RevKess decided to try something a little different with this weekend’s edition of PMP. A live, interactive interview with their guest Celia. In this interactive interview the listeners and fans got to help with asking the questions! 560 more words

Pagan-Musings Podcast