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“Should I text him first?  No, I’ll seem annoying.”

“I’ll just wait until he wants to talk to me.”  “If he doesn’t text me then we’re not talking.”

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Cell Phone

Relish the Relic

The other day, the seven-year-old daughter of a friend of mine asked me, “Can you watch movies on your phone?” That’s such an odd question to me. 421 more words

The [un]Affordable Care Act

The White House is reporting that over seven million Americans have signed up for the Affordable Care Act as of last Monday’s deadline, after which those who didn’t sign up would be subject to a fine. 564 more words

Getting Rid of The “Corded” Phone

Today like never before we must economize, save money, tighten up the old belt, and learn to spend less while getting as much as possible for our hard earned money. 493 more words

Personal Finance

Befuddled by High Tech

Hey, I just realized that I am actually blogging. I have thought about doing it for years, but never really understood it. Of course I don’t understand gravity or how they make Twinkies, but that does not stop me from keeping my feet on the ground and enjoying an unhealthy snack now and then.   832 more words