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"That" Kind of Day...

So today I had one of those weird days.  You know, the days were things are both good and bad.  Some things go right, others don’t. 169 more words

Bits Of The Day

California Court Rules Companies Must Reimburse Employees For Work-Related Cell Phone Calls

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — If you use your cell phone for work you could be seeing more money in your paycheck.

A California appeals court ruled companies must reimburse employees for work-related calls on personal mobile devices. 74 more words


Bees are Hard to Photograph With a Phone Camera

Bees are a pain to shoot with my android because they’re too small and too fast for the focus to find them. The firefly was cooperative though. 



It has been really hard to write the introduction for my second blog post. There is so much to talk about! Here is a quick list of the many things I have been doing the last few days. 411 more words


Tech Time for Your Kids!

Technology is a part of our lives in a way never envisioned by our parents and it will be a part of our children’s lives in ways never envisioned by us. 1,551 more words

Parenting And Management

Texas Mom Creates App So Kids Can't Ignore Parents' Text Messages

A Houston Mom tired of her son not responding to her calls or texts, invented an app that he couldn’t ignore! It locked his phone. 120 more words

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