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Google Brings A Modular Smartphone and Change The Concept of Smartphone

Google Brings A Modular Smartphone.

It’d be the last phone you ever needed to buy, because you’d be able to swap out everything from the camera to the display to the battery, in order to always have the exact phone you want.  71 more words

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Looking For A Spy Phone Software?

This is brand-new technology that will provide the truth and answer the burning questions you may have about someone else. Perhaps it is your spouse, an employee or even one of your kids that you need to monitor in order to stay informed about what’s really happening when you’re not around. 589 more words

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Cell Phones Have Changed Us Socially

Cell Phones Have Changed Us Socially

        This article appears on a blog, and posts the question, “How have cell phones changed us socially?” (Pitzevans 2011). Modernization, or any kind of change for that matter, inescapably affects us in some way, bringing along with it either advantageous or disadvantageous effects; sometimes a mix of both. 330 more words

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Silicone case for mobile practice

Manufacturing process of silicone phone keys, cell phone silicone case with development has entered a golden age of smart phones, we need to know the manufacturing process of silicone under the phone keys, better buy the right products. 144 more words

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NH Senate Passes Ban On Hand-Held Cell Phones While Driving

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Hand-held cellphone use would be banned while driving in New Hampshire in mid-2015 under a bill passed by the Senate.

The Senate passed the bill on a voice vote Thursday back to the House to consider an amendment to require the state to educate the public about the ban. 136 more words



Why do our phones have so much control over our lives?

I’m constantly waiting for a text, tweet, comment on fb, like on Instagram, snap on blend, or a snapchat. 57 more words