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Man Divorcing Wife Because She Won't Stop Playing Games On Her Phone!

This man says that his marriage is over and it’s because his wife is addicted to her smart phone! He says that she won’t stop playing games on her phone and she has neglected their house and their daughter! 132 more words


Cell Phone Safety's #1 Rule You're Breaking

Tomorrow we talk about the important safety tips you’re not practicing with your cell phone.

Buried in hundreds of pages of your cell phone’s user manual are all the possible ways you could be in danger with your phone.   108 more words


A Neo-Luddite's Guide to the 21st Century

This was originally posted on Hellogiggles.com several months ago. But as I enjoyed writing it so much and find myself to be terribly amusing, I am reposting here. 1,517 more words


Walmart - TMobile hiked my rate with no notice

In February of 2014, I signed up for a Walmart “Family Mobile” cell phone.

Texting is a foreign language to this 68-year-old grandfather.  There was also no way I wanted access to the Internet on that tiny instrument. 201 more words

My View Of The World

397: more Dots, more Flow, more Blendoku

I am super glad to have a smartphone of course. For instance, I can now call people. That’s cool.

and for everyone who cares, it’s a HTC One M8..

Diary 29th July 2014

Just as I had published my blog I got. I was looking down at my WordPress Menu on the left hand side of the screeen. It was telling me I had 1 comment. 952 more words


Iconic Life - the smartphone addiction

I gave a thought of writing the very first post on this particular topic and and decided to ask a sensible friend about it and, Amrita C, 27, US – says “oh I cant live without my phone, I would be lost”, the instant and impulse reaction. 878 more words