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This Unsettling 30-Second Video Will Make You Rethink Texting Behind the Wheel

Have you seen this chilling PSA either online or on TV? It’s part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s first national advertising campaign, which is meant to fight distracted driving. 246 more words

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Verizon Offering Discounts for Bringing Your Own Phone

Verizon is finally willing to give you a discount for bringing your own device to its network. The company announced that starting Thursday, April 17, compatible phones brought to Verizon will qualify for its lower, … 167 more words

Tales of the Extraordinary ...

Nothing cheers me up more than tales of extraordinary stupidity. I enjoy recreating the thinking that led to decisions so stupid that they take your breath away. 476 more words

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New Banksy

A scene all too familiar. I hope the world isn’t headed in this direction…