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(2.) Nurikabe

Apparently I’m in the mood for 15×15 puzzles. Here’s a Nurikabe.

Regular Nurikabe rules.


Color or Colour?

Added three different under painting layer for their hair, clothes, and skin.  I also cleaned up some sketch lines and added another shadow layer set to multiple. 35 more words


Perplexible picks: LITS

I’m very happy with how both of these solve. On top of that, the 10×10 one also solves as a Star Battle.

Regular LITS rules.


Shadows of a Shenanigan

Yesterday, I refined some of the characters and began adding shadows to the characters through a new layer set to Multiply and a brush with 100% Opacity and a 40% grey color. 127 more words


Perplexible picks: Tapa

Here’s a couple of Tapas I thought were noteworthy.

Regular Tapa rules.

This one is a regular Tapa, with antisymmetric clues.

I call this variant Unique Clues Tapa. 37 more words