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My Story

As an up and coming classical violist & violinist, I began experiencing a plateau in the development of my playing. No one else seemed to think there was anything wrong, actually quite the opposite, but I knew that my lessons weren’t  getting me where I needed to go and no matter how many hours I spent in the practice room I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. 208 more words

Alexander Technique

Tune-out you Friday

Always a riddle in the world she said…


You've been struck by... 2 cellos

Ok, thought I should start with a good cover. Yesterday this group were plastered over various music sites with their cover of Iron Maiden’s Trooper. For todays lunch break I though I would show case the duo attacking Michael Jackson’s classic Smooth Criminal. 12 more words

Break For Lunch

Thursday, October 23rd

never enough

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827), String Quartet No. 14 (Op. 131, C-sharp minor; 1826); Takács Quartet, live



musical thoughts

Opus 131 . .

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Music Clip Of The Day

Gem Club

Gem Club is an American chamber pop band formed in Somerville, Massachusetts in 2010 by singer-songwriter Christopher Barnes.

Using little more than piano, cello, and Christopher Barnes’ heartbreaking, glacial vocals, the Boston duo with Barnes on the piano and Kirsten Drymala on cello creates music that wafts by like a cloud.

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The Celtic group Longtime Courting plays on October 25th

The Boston-based all-woman super group Long Time Courting, featuring the talents of four women who each have achieved great success in other groups, comes to Harrisburg on Saturday, October 25, 2014, for a Susquehanna Folk Music Society concert at Fort Hunter, 5300 N. 827 more words

Susquehanna Folk Music Society