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A New Home for "The Path My Cello Paved"

If you’re wondering (and I hope you are) what on earth became of those scintillating, exhilarating posts relating to my glamorous life story, I decided to migrate them to a brand new blog all of their own. 146 more words


Indefensible "In-": To Live With It or Without It?

What would we do without the word “in”? Without it, no one could fall “in love” or be “in the mood.” On the bright side, no one could be “in a funk” or “in a pickle.” As a preposition, “in” is indispensable. 659 more words


A Cello or a Violin?

“Why did they commit suicide?”

“Why don’t we?”


Talking to others doesn’t help. Talking to yourself won’t help either.


“…my need for closeness outweighs my sense of self-preservation.” — Virgina Woolf… 71 more words


Rued Langgaard - String Quartet no. 5 (1925)

String Quartet no. 5  is composed by the danish composer Rued Langgaard. Here played by Kontra Kvartetten:

Peter Fabricius – Bratsch
Anton Kontra – Violin… 96 more words



Please tune in to WRTI 90.1 FM this Sunday, November 23rd at 5pm to hear my episode of “Philadelphia Music Makers” hosted by yours truly! I’ll be sharing some stories as well as playing a program of works by Bach, Schumann, Britten, Piazzolla, and Cassadó! 24 more words


The Glass Sho ~ Ecouter Ensemble (Preview of their Spectrum concert, 11/21)

The Glass Sho features an interview with the flute/cello (and sometimes piano as well) trio Ecouter (Above, from L to R: Amelie Brodeur, flute and piano; Nikola Ragusa, flute; Natalie Spehar, cello). 117 more words

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