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Writer's Block: Technological Know How

Reader beware, you’re in for a scare… If you ignore this spoiler warning…

When I first started watching the anime Bleach, a story that follows a teen with the ability to see ghosts and eventually becomes a shinigami/soul reaper with more drama and action than you can shake a stick at. 617 more words


Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon Launches First Smartphone

Today (7/24/14) Amazon launches their first Smartphone. Called Amazon Fire Phone – 32GB or 64GB. AT&T is the carrier.

WOW…I’m not a smartphone expert, but I’ve had the opportunity of checking it out before putting it on our website, and if the buzz among the techies is correct they have got a winner. 303 more words

Quit Taking Pictures and Enjoy Whats In Front of You!

The other day while out eating dinner with my girlfriend  I witnessed what is sure to be the downfall of our existence. We were at what I would call a middle of the road type place, similar to AppleBee’s or OliveGarden. 911 more words


Das Auto -- Existential Ads and Multi-Interactive Media

In the not too distant future, philosophy, communications and business professors will be lecturing on the power of guerilla marketing to engage customers with a hearty mix of real and unreal… and hyper-real. 121 more words

Good Ideas

The evolution of cellphones in 7 retro commercials

Few devices have been as disruptive to modern culture as the cellphone. Forget just talking to people from anywhere, with no wires involved. Today, these amazing devices enable all sorts of good and bad behavior, including Facebook rants, Twitter fights, selfies and Instagram photos of delicious delicacies and drunken text messages to those better deleted from our contacts list. 856 more words

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