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(Review) Melana Chasmata

Band Name : Triptykon

Genre : Doom/Goth/Black/Death/Avant-Garde Metal

Date Of Release : 14 April 2014

              Have you ever been in a Chasm. A Scar on the face of this Earth where sunlight struggles to spread its touch. 474 more words

CD Review: Triptykon - "Melana Chasmata"

Thomas G. Fischer is a man that has always had a set vision and direction for every project he’s been involved with, and he has probably divided as many opinions as he has united them.  752 more words


Album of the Week 15-2014: Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

Celtic Frost’s swansong ‘Monotheist’ and Triptykon’s ‘Eparistera Daimones’ were simply works of art. Dark, bleak, twisted and ominous art, but art all the same. And as I loved that dark, doom-laden and unique approach, ‘Melana Chasmata’ was a work to look forward to. 522 more words


Sabbatory - Endless Asphyxiating Gloom (Review)

Sabbatory are from Canada and play Death Metal. This is their début album.

Sabbatory have an Old-School sound that recalls Celtic Frost if they were a Death Metal band. 154 more words


Triptykon - "Melana Chasmata"

It has been four years since Eparistera Daimones (which is actually their début album) and in that time the band have grown a lot. I’m not exactly sure if I can make any comparison to the album I mentioned above as this is my first experience of  954 more words

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KREATOR // Extreme Aggression (Noise)

My favourite thrash bands were always Celtic Frost and Kreator. Up to 1988 both bands had not only released amazing records but along with the blinding music the artwork on their records were always clever or raw and always exciting. 470 more words

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