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Bran the Blessed

A son of Llyr, the British god Bran is known for two things. The first is that he owned a cauldron that could resuscite any dead animal. 486 more words


Belatacudros and Cernunnos

As inconsistent as it is, the Irish mythology is far and away the most complete Celtic Mythology that has survived. In that respect it can give you a good feel for what the religion was like as a culture. 591 more words

Celtic Myth


A name like a breath caught in
the soft tissues in my throat
and it’s somewhere there, in
a whisper and a croak, 109 more words

Leprechauns and Shoes

I’ll admit from the start that I have no direct answer for why leprechauns are associated with shoes. However, if you’ll bear with me for a moment I may be able to provide some small satisfaction on the matter. 461 more words

Celtic Myth

Celtic Pantheon: An Overview

As per a recent request, I will write a bit on Celtic mythology. I will warn at the outset that the Celts did not leave a relatively neat and orderly mythology like the Greek, Romans, Norse, or even the Egyptians. 673 more words

Celtic Myth

Holy Grail 3:  A Couple Other Theories

Christian/Celtic. I thought I had heard it all. Until I realized I had not read the oldest and the newest theories on the grail. Eventually my research into Loomis (the foremost expert on the Celtic theory and a legend in Arthurian studies) led me to a pair of scholars from the era previous to him – Alfred Nutt and Jessie Weston. 563 more words

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