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Day 23 Inktober - a celtic myth

The Green Man fresh in my mind, I turned the page with all things celtic still kicking over the creative cogs. The story of Bloduewedd is one that I have turned my hand to illustrating many times because it contains so many elements I like to draw, and the story is one of love and betrayal and retribution, something we understand today. 129 more words


Women in Celtic myth 1: The Enchanted Princess (Brittany)

Unlike women in some of the more sanitised and decidedly patriarchal northern European fairytales many of us grew up with, women in many of the old Celtic myths and fairytales hold power. 554 more words


Illustration Sketches for The Thinking:book 2 The Landland Chronicles

I’m hoping to include some illustrations in the next book of The Landland Chronicles. Reader feedback has asked for this and I’m inclined to agree. 55 more words


Update 21/09/14

Another month, another update.

As you can guess by the above picture, I’m still working on the revised edition of The Scent of Jasmine.  When I began doing this, I expected it to take me no more than a few weeks but, here I am, a month later and I’m still not even half way through.   205 more words