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Mistletoe: Magick and History


Mistletoe is not native to North America but is a species native to Great Britain and parts of Europe.  Once considered a pest, mistletoe is a parasitic plant meaning it attaches itself to a host plant or a tree.   261 more words

Review of Misaligned: The Darkest Day from Ellen Fritz of Books4Tomorrow

Another nice review for Misaligned:  The Darkest Day.  This one from Ellen Fritz in South Africa.  Ellen’s part of the highly regarded Books4Tomorrow review team.  Founded by admitted bookaholic Angie Edwards, the site is dedicated to bringing Angie and Ellen’s unabridged, unpaid, and honest opinions about books to eager readers everywhere.  552 more words


Celtic Gods and Goddesses

Below is an article that was originally posted on APOLLO’S RAVEN Website: http://www.linneatanner.com/blog/celtic-gods-goddesses/

The ultimate adventure, when all the barriers and ogres have been overcome, is commonly represented as a mystical marriage of the triumphant hero-soul with the Queen Goddess of the World—Joseph Campbell… 1,758 more words

Ancient Britain And Rome


John William Waterhouse ~ Tristan and Isolde (1916)



Roisin – my song about a woman I once knew. ( Not her real name )

She sums up what many women feel, i think.  All of them special enough to be in this song ;-)

Celtic Mythology

The Lion Beneath The Stars [Song]

Blind Harry was a minstrel fair,

When the name of Wallace filled the air,

He spoke of many deeds so bold,

That reach us now, both young & old - 246 more words

Celtic Mythology