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The Fae, creatures of mischief

The Fae, or faeries, are supernatural beings whose origin stems from Celtic mythology. It was said that faeries dwelled in heavily wooded areas and only appear to you if you believe in them. 354 more words

Talismans Part 3: Cúchulainn Stays Close To My Heart

Proud-whirling man in arms,
Your house shall rear no son.
Never will you grow old,
Hero, but die on your feet.*

Cúchulainn is perhaps the most beloved of Irish heroes. 775 more words

Beautiful Men

“The Leanhaun Shee … seeks the love of mortals… The fairy lives on their life, and they waste away. Death is no escape from her. She is the Gaelic muse, for she gives inspiration to those she persecutes.

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Irish Celtic Mythology

Such a great people were the De Danann, and so uncommonly skilled in the few arts of the time, that they dazzled even their conquerors and successors, the Milesians, into regarding them as mighty magicians. 830 more words

Celtic Myth And Lore

D for 'Destroying Angels' or Danites

Continuing with the A-Z Blog Challenge, we approach D with one of the many groups that wish angels dead, The Danites.

Danites –  are a christian based assassination squad enacted since the time of Solomon the King. 223 more words


Celtic Mythology and Religion

 It is difficult to find out more about the Celtic world from the archaeological remains. However, the short list of ancient writers on Celtic history, religion and customs can help us in this disclosure. 1,278 more words

World Cultures And Religions

An Asturian folk tale

In a small village located in the Sierra Ablaneda Carrales there is a dam that neighbors called Well Fullaricos. According to old folks, in the dark waters of the lake you can distinguish a giant beam. 481 more words