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Bough: the shoulder that divides a body into a trunk and arms, applicable to men, trees and ships. A bough of insufficient strength to branch (or limb) is a bulge, or a bunch (as in bunched-up muscles), or a burgeoning effort. 74 more words


Dervorgilla and Celtic Mythology

Dervorgilla came from Norway and was a stranger in Ireland. She had listened to so many tales about Cuchulain that she decided he would have to be her only love. 435 more words

Irish History

Beside the Rowan Tree (Haiku)

beside the rowan tree /
Balor clasps his head and groans – /
distant thunder //

Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where Hamish Gunn… 146 more words

Irish Banshee

What is the Screaming Banshee…. Well, it’s very simple — a ghost that screams!

Okay, maybe not just a ghost according to Irish Mythology. This spirit or “barer of misfortune” is part of a legend that started in Ireland. 108 more words


Writing Prompt - Finish the Story Part III

Tuesday, July 22 in The Matticus Kingdom, the gauntlet was thrown. Challenge accepted.

Prompt and Part 1

Part 2

~  ~  ~

Part 3: Faerie… 455 more words


The Celt Experience rebrand their bottles

At the heart of The Celt Experience’s beers lie their ancient Celtic roots. Rife with mythology, heaped in mystery and now bottled in brand new bottles to reflect their legendary history even more. 183 more words

Beer Art

Celtic Mythology Reexamined: Figures from Arthurian Legend

While Celtic mythology is rather influential in itself though you may not realize it with many popular legends and figures. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to sort out since Celts were largely spread out in Western Europe, had no writing system, and a lot were conquered and assimilated rather early (like before Jesus) so much of their legends didn’t survive save maybe those coming from Ireland or the British Isles. 6,060 more words