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We Are Standing On Wild Earth

The control and ordering of society is amazing: we comply so totally with its unwritten rules. In a city at morning, you see the lines of traffic and the rows of faces all on their way to work. 98 more words


Finding Your True Home Within Your Life

Each one of us is alone in the world. It takes great courage to meet the full force of your aloneness. Most of the activity in society is subconsciously designed to quell the voice crying in the wilderness within you. 183 more words


Life’s Passionate Sacramentality

When the garden of your unchosen lives has enough space to breathe beneath your chosen path, your life enjoys a vitality and a sense of creative tension. 247 more words


Bean Sidhe

By way of editorial comment: This poem of mine was published in a Pagan poetry anthology, Datura, by U.K.-based occult publisher Scarlet Imprint (2010). “Bean Sidhe” is Gaelic for literally “Woman of the Fae,” which becomes our English “banshee.” With Samhain approaching and the temperatures getting decidedly cooler and the nights longer here in Chicago, She’s a liminal figure commanding my attention these days (and nights), especially when I hear crows cawing in my local cemetery. 241 more words



Since last February I have been working with others on a book about contemplative Druidry. It has now been published and it is available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk in paperback and on Kindle. 400 more words

Words Of Relief And Release

There are people whose presence is encouraging. One of the most beautiful gifts in the world is the gift of encouragement. When someone encourages you, that person helps you over a threshold you might otherwise never have crossed on your own. 111 more words


The Immensity That Sleeps In Your Heart

It is impossible to be on the earth and to avoid awakening. Everything that happens within and around you calls your heart to awaken. As the density of night gives way to the bright song of the dawn, so your soul continually coaxes you to give way to the light and awaken. 140 more words