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Wild Geese: Your Place in the Family of Things

“Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,

the world offers itself to your imagination,

calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting – 109 more words

Ancestral Spiritual Lineage

Celts And Their Germanic Cousins

Now DNA proves there be a clear connection

The Celts and the Germanics are cousins, they reckon

And if this song weren’t written by a beer guzzlin’  kraut chompin’  German, 126 more words


Ancient Celts Welcomed Lunar Eclipses

There’s been a lot of angst and hang-wringing this week about the significance of a ‘blood moon’ lunar eclipse. We need only look to history to sense the ancients were more sanguine and wise about astral events. 32 more words


Making Journeys

Nancy Jardine is a most welcome a return visitor to my blog. As I have been on my travels again, she suggested that her topic should be one about making journeys, especially as many long journeys were taken in her new book, which I am looking forward to read. 970 more words


“Upon this day, our hands we bind, a symbol of our hearts entwined. To witness this, we ask of thee, our union forever blessed be.” 439 more words


England--in Pictures!

We finally have internet! The first place we stayed in Rome had internet, but it would never work until Diego very cleverly restarted the router. We moved to a new place yesterday, called Domus Appia B&B on the old Appian Way. 327 more words


Novel Nibbles & Celtic Connections

My middle son, who is a classically-trained chef, recently came home with an addition to his cookbook collection.

I learned from the cookbook that Marcel Proust was a French writer whose massive novels often digressed into detailed accounts of gastronomic delights. 487 more words