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Seminar CLXXXIII: community law enforcement in early medieval Britain

My relentless progress through my seminar report backlog now finally leaves me looking at the last seminar I went to in Oxford, something of a milestone. 1,268 more words


The Scottish Umpire - 29th November 1887

page 11

“We learn that the efforts which have lately been made to organise in Glasgow a first-class Catholic football club, have been successfully consummated by the formation of the “Glasgow Celtic Football and Athletic Club,” under influential auspices. 24 more words


Interview with Iron Druid urban fantasy series author Kevin Hearne

Kevin Hearne is the New York Times bestselling author of the Iron Druid Chronicles, an urban fantasy series about a 2,100 year-old Druid hiding among us, dodging the attentions of Irish gods who want to kill him. 789 more words


Where do your poem ideas originate?

Easy answer: Any source that inspires a poem.

The writing process for me is the same be it poem, short story or novel. When ideas come, I scribble down a line or two capturing the essence of my initial thought then work it until complete. 150 more words


Land of the Celts: Silhouettes




I love the stark expanse of landscape in all these shots, the inconsequence of humanity; and also a certain sense of mystery…


DP Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Tish Farrell Writer

A Brief Cultural History of Cheese (4)

It would appear that France and the alpine countries have the Celts to thank for the further development of the art of cheese making in the pre-Christian era. 257 more words

Cheese History

The Celtic World

The Celts rode into Europe around 500 BC from Asia Minor and the Russia steppes bringing with them a warrior culture and cosmology that in time embraced much of the Goddess worshippers culture, including farming and cattle raising. 207 more words

The Celtic World