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I'm No Raisin, Just A Cracker In The Sun!

Spent my day in town working. Painted a deck twice, in the sun all day long. It was nice. It was work but not hard work at all, the sun has kicked my ass though. 242 more words

Woad: Village Concept Art

Concept art of the village Antiiss is from.

Many of the iron-age celt hill-forts were pretty self-sustaining, and her village is based off that thought. They have sheep, cattle, chickens, and also had crops. 25 more words


Woad: Antiiss Concept Art

Some concept art from my novel Woad that I am brainstorming. This is my character “Antiiss” who lives in an iron-age celtic like village in the middle of a cursed forest. 46 more words


Dies Ater

A dies ater “black day” marking the defeat of the Romans by the Gauls at the Battle of the Allia in 390 BC. This defeat leads to the sack of Rome by the Gauls.


This Weekend event's


Date-19th July
Server-North Pole , Room-Ice Berg
Times- 11:30 am IST // 2 pm AWST // 4 pm AEST // 3:30 PM JST

———————————————- 29 more words


The truth about Time - travel

Have you ever travelled back in time? Time capsules and time machines hold the promise of reversing time and transporting you to another era – another point in space and time. 332 more words


100, 100, 100!


The Blog

I’m doing this one first this week, because we had TWO important things happen over the last few days: I reached… 356 more words

Camp Nanowrimo